Thursday, April 6, 2017

November Goodness

 Mom and Dad just moved into their new Mansion House and it has a pool, so we had to try it out the first chance we got! Of course it was raining, but that didn't stop the kids from jumping in freezing cold water, cuz Grandpa had promised them a dollar! Even Taryn took a dip, crazy kids.

 Thanksgiving was yummy and fabulous, but apparently I was too busy to take I only have 3.

 This was Black Friday Shopping craziness. We get a little loopy, so we resort to playing with toys. And finding great outfits.

 The kids worked hard all Fall to run enough laps to equal 25 miles, then we got to run in a 1.2 mile race in Seattle to finish a full marathon. They got shirts and treats and the whole experience. Pretty fun.

 The kitty loves to tease Ainsley, and Ainsley loves to yell at her.
 Ainsley's favorite thing to do when she goes to Grandma's is to rearrange her stuff.

Tanner at MOD for his 1 on 1 with Dad!

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