Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hunting at Bob and Buffy's

 Rusty's Burger Joint. A favorite of the men.

I spent most of my time in this here tree stand. A first for me and a little scary, esp when I was fighting off falling asleep at times. Each of the kids took a turn with me up there. I saw lots of deer and could have shot a handful of them, if they had been BUCKS! all Does. :( Very sad. No one shot a deer this year. Their property is very cool though and very beautiful. They let us stay in their little house/shed. Perfect for a hunting weekend.

 Tanner and Owen each ate a fresh, raw egg for a dollar. They'll do lots of weird things for money. So funny. During lunch we got to explore their farm and see all their animals. There were a LOT of them...

 The kids were obsessed with the brand new kitties that were EVERYWHERE. Two or three cats had just had babies, so there were probably 12 or so kitties of all ages running around the house. They followed us all over, even into the tree stand, we couldn't believe it!
After much pressure and begging from the kids, we brought one of the kitties home! We named her Tamarack, after the pine trees whose needles turn yellow in the winter. She's quite the cute souvenir!

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