Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Halloween Happiness

Pumpkin carving is always a festive time. Thankfully, the kids are getting older and more capable of carving their own pumpkins! We even whipped out the drill and had fun figuring out where we could put holes into our designs. As you can see below they each designed and created their own unique pumpkin faces. I love seeing how they all turn out.

This is Sidney's all drilled pumpkin.

I'm sporting the Raggedy Ann costume my mom made years ago. Can't waste an adorable costume like this! My mom is good!

 Trunk or Treating with our neighbor, Hayden.

 I hate how fuzzy my camera is. :( Some lovely ladies, and good friends, from the ward; Malissa Potter, Jennifer Poston, Laura Turner, and myself. Below is Lily Potter, Sidney, and Julia Poston.

 One happy, haunting, Halloween Family at our church party. We have a confused Harry Potter, a referee, an anger tiger, a hiding Ninja, a Raggedy Ann, a Pippy Longstocking, and a hamburger. 

 Because we were cleaning mom's house to get ready to sell it, we stayed and trick or treated the night away with the Hopkins. Poor Tanner got sick in the afternoon, so Owen and Sidney had to trick or treat twice as fast so they had some to share! They were booking it and lasted a long time - it made my trick-or-treat-loving heart proud! And they got loooots of candy! The pics do not do it justice! Happy Halloween!

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