Friday, September 30, 2016

Playgrounds and Broken Arms

 Sidney's Softball team.

 All of Taryn's cast pictures aren't in the right order, but you get the idea. The story goes, she fell off the bottom of a slide going down backwards. She only cried a little, so I didn't think it was broken, but by the end of the night when she hadn't used her arm even to eat, we knew something serious was going on. X-rays showed fractures in a couple of places and she got to wear a cast for the first 6 weeks of summer! She got pretty good at sitting in a tube and hanging her cast over the side so it didn't dip into the water. Let's hope this is the last one for her. :) (Her face got painted at a friends house.)

 Grandma Packard sent a bunch of goodies after she broke her arm. After that, all the other kids thought breaking their arm might be worth the fun treats.

Memorial Day Weekend - 2016

 For Memorial Day weekend, our tradition is to go camping. Of course it is usually a little drizzly so we finally invested in these beautiful and big canopies. They made our weekend so much better! The best part of this trip was that Bree and Rudd and fam came to par-tay with us! We also took turns going back to Mom and Dad's house to stay with Grandma for the night.

 If you can't tell, playing volleyball over the log. And Ainsley is somewhere in that chair, trying to stay warm.

 The last day was sunny, so we were grateful to end it on a good note. We got to play in the river and build a dam - our favorite things - so we were happy.

Chili anyone?

May Happenings - 2016

 15 month old Ainsley. she loves playing with the pea gravel and will hold about 5 or 6 of those pebbles for hours at a time.
 Owen and Dad's 1 0n 1 to the driving range!

 Father's and Sons at Cascade Park

 Being TP'ed. Don't worry, we got them back. :)
 One of Sidney's last softball games. On the way home we passed by a fair, and we decided to stop and ride the Starship 2000. The ride that makes you stick to the walls!!!

 Malissa Potter and I ran a 5K Blacklight Run and we had a blast livin' in up like we were in high school again. Gotta love a mosh pit and grabbing for free light sticks, cutting in line for the free stuff, and sneaking in line to take pics between people. hehe We are rebels.

 Happy MOther's Day to me. I got A LOT. of cereal. My fav. granola.

 Ainsley and I hanging out at the softball game. It's fun to see her improve every year. This year was harder, but she had a sweet hit the last game of the season!

 Sidney's candy sushi activity at the library.
 Here's the quilt I made for Taryn! I LOVE it, but as soon as I put it on her bed, she threw it off and hasn't wanted it on since! She is a stinker about change and hasn't warmed up to the idea yet. Funny, but cute girl.
Firepit mania. We love our firepit. We have since put in some log seats, and love how well they work and how good they look.
 Taryn and Grandpa working under the truck!

 Mom and Dad did the indoor skydiving at IFly, and loved it. Mom even went back a second time!
 Berry picking! I put them to work picking strawberries and raspberries. They were so yummy and delicious. We picked enough to have our freezer full of freezer jam all winter. It was hilarious because Ainsley would scarf down the strawberries, but she would have nothing to do with the raspberries. How do they know what they like when they are so young?

Sidney and Alisi dressed up for Pioneer Day at school.