Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Break on the Olympic Peninsula - Day 3 (Olympic National Park)

Our last day there we spent entirely in the national park, and took some of the shorter hikes they had to offer. We only saw a small portion of the park, but thoroughly enjoyed the beauty the Washington Mtns had to offer.
 Madison Falls near Elwha.

 The grey, Elwha River.
Just a picture to document the boys never ending need to throw rocks, sticks, pinecones, and whatever else they think will make a cool splash, into water.

 We took a loop hike near Lake Crescent, and ate lunch at the site of the NatureBridge Campus.


 Marymere Falls was a fun 1.8 mile round trip hike. And it makes my heart happy that they are all becoming such great hikers! Even Taryn powered through this one. Having a cool waterfall to see at the end makes it lots more fun - So does having cool walkways and bridges like this!

 The three older kids and I took one last hike to Sol Duc Falls. Taryn and Ainsley needed a nap and we knew they wouldn't last a single second on the trail. Nate graciously offered to sleep in the van with them while we hiked. What he didn't know was that we would be back in less than 40 minutes because the kids wanted to RUN most of the 1.6 mile hike! They were crazy and even pushed me to go faster! I hope I can keep up with them when they get older. This was such a cool hike and the falls were powerful and breathtaking!

 No whales were seen, but at least our ferry trip back was less eventful than the one before! Thumbs up for a super fun, family trip!

Spring Break on the Olympic Peninsula - Day 2 (Art Walk in the Woods)

A friend told me about this Art Walk we had to take if we were up in the Port Angeles area, and I'm so glad I took her word for it - it was great! Sidney counted 150 something pieces of art scattered around the woods. We hiked every path we saw to find ALL of them. Some of them were pretty darn weird, and some of them made you think, and others were just COOL!