Thursday, January 14, 2016

Back to December...

 This is what happens when you wake up way too early to go shopping on Black Friday! You go nutso. Mom has a couple other good ones on her phone, but these will give you a pretty good idea of how we feel after 12-15 hours of shopping for Christmas! hehe

 One night for FHE we visited the Garden De'lights and then headed over to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue for their Christmas production. We had fun meeting all the traditional Christmas characters and dancing to the exciting Christmas music. Definitely got us ready for the Christmas season.

 It was super cold, huh Ainsley? But she loved the lights and the action going on around her!

 Star Wars activity at the library was a hit with my kids. We plan on seeing the new Star Wars 7 movie when it comes to the dollar theater.

 Another night we visited the Creche display event they put on in a church building down by the Seattle Temple. It is so well set up, with activities to do in every room in the building. Can you spot the little leper baby? Hello dad, can't you see that I can't see? :) My favorite part of the night was watching the Gospel Choir perform in the chapel and singing and clapping along to their joyful songs! They have some amazing voices!

 Sidney won the cupcake decorating contest at the library! You go girl. She's always had a talent for artistic things.
 Here we are making some cookies to distribute to friends and neighbors.

 And of course Christmastime means school Christmas concerts! We had fun watching the kids be excited about performing and showing off their vocal skills. We don't have the best cameras, so this is as good as it gets.

November in a rush

Have to have a couple pics of me in my 30s. I know that I won't be getting any better looking down the road... :)  And Taryn as bat girl!/Captain America lover

 Had to document the wreckage after a storm that cut our power out for most of the night. It was CA-RAZY windy and I always worry that the huge trees next to our house will fall down on us, but they haven't yet. But boy did they leave a lot of debris this time around!
 Thanks to Nate's hard work and Boeing's efforts to reward their employees, Nate and I and Sidney and Owen (and Ainsley) enjoyed a night in a box suite to watch Frozen on Ice. What a treat that was - food included! Yowzers, that never happens! It was a fabulous show and we felt extremely spoiled.

 Here's us with our Frozen braids and hairdos.

 Another Pacific Science Center Day.

 Owen ripped out another tooth! He likes to pull them when they are barely loose. Painful.
We thought it was cute how she put her arm across Grandpa's while they read.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy (Late) October!


 October was a weird month for us. I was sick for 2 weeks with pneumonia and so Halloween wasn't quite the same as always. Dad did the best he could to manage the house and did a great job at making all the fun Halloween activities still happen for everyone.

 Church party and Trunk or Treating night.