Wednesday, December 14, 2016

4th of July - 2016

 This is the one holiday I like making sure we celebrate at home, because its the one holiday we see and hang out with our neighbors. And our neighbors spend lots of money on the REAL fireworks, so it's quite the up-close show!

Everett Parade. It keeps getting weirder and weirder. Not sure if I will take them again next year. And, I feel like they stopped throwing candy, which is dumb. Every small town parade should have candy.

Yum, yum, yum. Fruit pizza flag!

July Happenings - 2016

 Sidney needed a night on the town to spend some of her birthday money! She's lookin' good!

 Watching Sidney's baseball. These are in the wrong spot. oops

 Lots of fires were made and lots of smores eaten.

 Babysitting Tuita night

 See what I mean about lots of smores? We had recently added the log chairs, which are fabulous!

 We painted the kid's rooms! Painting is always such an adventure, but they look way nicer now that pencil marks and finger smudges are covered.

 Sidney's room is a beautiful blue! The boys made about 50 paper airplanes with their special paper and wanted to sell them on the street. They sold a couple and it was fun while it lasted.

 Pictures of the special 100 years of Boeing event we went to. We had a good time checking out all the planes and watching the cool movie.

 This is to document the worst date Nate and I ever went on. :( WE thought we would be hot shots and go on this crazy spinning ride like the good ole days, but we were sorely disappointed with the outcome! We survived the ride without puking, but just barely! We were sick for HOURS after, and both of us threw up a couple of times later in the night. It was the worst feeling ever and I had to drive home wanting to throw up, cuz Nate was worse than I was. It felt like I had morning sickness all over again! We won't be doing that EVER again. I decided that I was officially OLD. Super sad day for me.

 Ainsley in Primary, hanging out with all the big kids!

 Must have had a groupon to the family fun center!

 Sidney is lucky enough to have a dad that will take her motorcycle riding on her own a couple of times during the summer. She only hit a tree once. and flew into the air. and didn't break her neck. Thank goodness.

 Sidney and her friends from the summer Activity Day Extravaganza. If you can't tell, the theme was Wizard of Oz. :)

 Poor, allergic-to-mosquito-bites, Taryn. This is the second time you have looked like Quasimodo.

 Frogtastic Fair Days in Snohomish. Free stuff and games for all the kids - one of our favorite summer activities.

 We happened to show up for the free fishing day at the Lake Stevens dock and a couple of the kids lasted long enough to catch one or two!

Finally made it downtown to take a free ride on the horse drawn wagon ride around the north park of the lake. Yes, I did that alone, without Nate. Someone should be proud of me!