Friday, November 13, 2015

Unique Apple Picking

 In between General Conference sessions on Saturday we took an outing to a nearby apple orchard that I was wanting to check out. Sadly, it was a huge disappointment, but we had fun anyways. A couple of reasons it was a bust: A lot of the apples were ripe super early in the season this year, so there weren't very many apples to pick. They were ridiculously expensive because they were "organic" which after walking through the "orchard" meant they didn't do anything to help or hinder the apples growth. (I know I'm probably wrong, but if you had seen the place you would know what I mean) Lastly, it looked like a dump. The directions took us to the driveway of a rundown house, which led to a rundown "barn/greenhouse/carport" thing, which led to rundown looking rows of apples. Seriously, there was no where to park but jammed next to the bushes surrounding the house, you really couldn't tell who was in charge and once we did figure it out, they were certainly the hippy type. Ok, I'll stop bashing, but I want to remember how funny of a place it was, and to make it even funnier, the way I found out about it was through groupon! I almost bought a groupon to take a tour of the place! Wow, what a letdown that would have been!!! ha

 See the tiny tree frog? I think Sidney spied that with her little eye.

 Here's part of the house and then here's some of their garden. The pictures actually make it look not too bad. Nate didn't get a picture of the barn/carport cuz that's where their register was. Another funny story, the man took the kids to see some bunnies that had just been born and they were all snuggled up in the back of some little hut they had made, I am positive that when I looked in there one of the bunnies was lying there dead! The kids were too giddy to notice. Poor bunnies.

 Overall it was a funny outing, I was just sad that I hadn't scored a cool place to go pick apples in the future. :(