Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Birthday Boys!

Not boys I guess, but men! Rudd turned 31 on Aug 20th while they were in the mountains jeeping, and Nate turned 32 on Aug 24th, a couple days later, so they got to celebrate together at mom and dad's house! They were both sporting mustaches too, remnants of the beards they grew while on their trip.

 Nate finally got his fishing pole that he's been dreaming about. It's nothing special, but we hope that it will be big enough and bring him luck enough to catch some salmon this year. (Last year he got nothin' and he's gone out once this year and still didn't catch anything yet)  boohoo. :(

 The party hats were a nice touch, don't you think?

 Apparently this surfer dude has been on Rudd's birthday cakes for many, many years, so Bree had his mom ship it to her so that she could continue the tradition! haha. Their birthday cake was a 6 layered ice cream cake that Bree and I concocted. It was pretty awesome.

 These pictures are from when we celebrated Nate's actual birthday at our house the next day, with just our family. Happy Birthday! Are we really this old now?

Hanging Out With Family

 Took a picnic dinner to Deep Lake and the kids went swimming while we enjoyed the cool, fresh air. This summer has been unusually hot, and so we have found lots of excuses to head to water. It's been great!
 This is one of the first back flips Landon has done since coming home from his mission. He was a bit nervous, but ended up having no reason to be, because he did it like a pro.
 No one even prompted the boys to sit down with Rudd to read, they did that all on their own. Sunday nights around the table. Elwin, Adam, Tami, Landon, Bree, Rudd, Mom and Dad, Nate and I. We are just missing Tiff. She was a little bummed not to be there with everyone.

 Sidney is the best pole climber that we know. She is amazing!

 It was so fun having Bree, Rudd and Revree here with us all week. We hate it when they leave. Hopefully someday they will be here for always.

What the Girls (and kids) Did...

 While the men where gone, we spent one living it up at Remlinger Farms in Carnation. It's the perfect place for kids our age. It has story/singing time, a petting zoo area, haymazes and jumping area, pony rides and to top it off, kid sized carnival rides. Super fun! We did have one little accident, and of course it involved Taryn. I think she is going to be sending us for hospital trips more than the boys are. Anyways, she was pulling back on an umbrella stroller with Tanner sitting in it, he got up suddenly, and it sent her flat on her head on the sharp gravel. Well one of those rocks cut/pierced the back of her head right open. It was right on the verge of needing stitches and since we had driven all the way out there, I made an executive decision that she would be ok. We held her head with a towel for awhile, but with kids that never lasts long and so for the rest of the day her head was kind of oozing blood. Bad, I know. I didn't want to scare anybody, so I tried making her wear a hat, but that didn't work either. After reflecting on the day, we realized that she probably had a slight concussion too, she was just a little out of it. oops. Poor Taryn girl, she is as tough as nails though.
 Our cousin, Revree Mae

 Revree wasn't sure she wanted to be on this giant animal. She loves animals, but this might have been a little too close for comfort. She eventually warmed up to the idea.

 If you look closely you can see Taryn's bleeding head.

 What the crazy?! Cannonballs into hay, that couldn't have felt good.

 Yes Taryn, please jump out of that canoe so that I have to go and fish you out of the water!

 Taryn and Revree played in the pool one morning while the rest of us hiked Mt. Peak! Cousin fun.

 We played lots of games and ate lots of popsicles.

 Mom decided she was hot, and to have a water fight in her clothes. We were really digging the scary look of her mascara running.

Ainsley realized what her true love was - frozen yogurt. Don't give me any of that nasty rice cereal stuff!
 Our favorite part of the week: using their beast of a truck (with some help of the pick axes and shovels) to rip out 6 ginormous bushes! Yeah baby! Dad wasn't too thrilled to have the bushes out, but we thought it looked waaaaay better. No more "trees" to block their cute house! And boy were we proud of our accomplishment - it was no small task either, those suckers were huge and in there deep!