Thursday, August 6, 2015

Motorcycle Riding at Naches

This weekend of camping was supposed to be fun and fancy free. It was planned so that we could all get some good motorcycling and jeeping in, but apparently the weather didn't care about our plans. It ended up raining all night, and the most annoying part about the whole thing was that it hasn't rained here for practically 2 months. It's been the hottest and driest summer for the Northwest in years! About the only good thing is that we won't forget this trip for a long time now.
 This meadow was beautiful and mysterious at dusk. We don't have any pictures to prove it, but we saw a herd of elk in this meadow a couple of different times. A bunch of cows (girl elk) and their babies. SO cool.

 If I were to have a do-over, I would not be camping with a 5 month old, or a 2 year old for that matter, in 40ish degree weather! It was the worst sleep I've had in a long time, worrying that my kids were warm and dry the whole bloody night.  Can you tell I'm still angry at the rain? And this goober named Taryn still wakes up screaming once a night. Lovely.
We tried to make the best of it in the morning by making an illegal fire, which we considered legal since everything was soaking now. The kids had about 4 cups of apple cider each in the morning, and we took turns riding the motorcycles and cleaning up wet sleeping bags. You're jealous, huh?

 Poor Ainsley, stuck in her car seat because it was the only warm and dry place to be.

 If this picture makes us look cold and wet, it's because we are.
 I did get in a couple of good rides though, so it was worth it for me! I wasn't pressured, just encouraged (by Nathan and my brother, Landon), to go on some harder trails than I was used to and I was so glad that I did. Once I got a better feel for the trail and the bike, it was awesome and I started to have more fun and not be so nervous. The rain was annoying, but it definitely gave the rides another added dimension of exciting craziness. Not sure it was worth it for anyone else that had to sit and wait in the rain, but I was grateful for everyone's sacrifice that made it possible for me to have fun.

 The mosquito bite that we thought she was only allergic to, but turned out to be something much worse. Post to come...

No one, besides me, complained too much so I think they all had a good time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grand Coulee Dam - Day 4, last day

 A fellow camper gave the kids bags of their leftover buns and bread, and they had a heyday chucking bread at the geese in the morning.

 We spent an hour getting ready for, and finding this secluded hiking trail, but when we finally got there and unloaded the old lady who lived next to this sign told us she would not let us cross her lawn to get to the trailhead. She told us there were rattlesnakes and it was too steep, and if we tried it, she would call the police. Boo. I was rather irritated at being told what to do, but I've decided she probably saved our lives somehow. Anyways, didn't end up doing a hike, so we went back to what we knew. Swimming at the lake!

 Baby Ainsley being the happy, perfect baby that she is. Bless you child. Isn't she just the cutest?! C'mon, she definitely is.

 We had to get a shot of Tanner's crazy hair color and natural highlights.

 Either Nate or I out in the middle of the lake on the paddle board.

 Poor Taryn with all her eczema rashes on her body. Wearing a swimming suit all day did not help her skin much. Sadly, it actually looked worse in real life.

 Having ice cream for one more lunch. We had to finish the rest of it of course.

 Everyone must have had a lot to drink, because on the drive home we had to stop 6 times for potty breaks. Bah. Documenting this was Nate's idea.

 Our last stop was eating a burger at the famous Rustys. Nathan and the boys in my family have been talking this place up forever, so it was high time we were all exposed to the yumminess. It did not disappoint. Mmmm, I want one now please. Goodbye vacation. It was relaxing and pleasant, just what we all needed.

Grand Coulee Dam - Day 3

 Day 3 adventures included walking across the Coulee Bridge and reading ALL the signs. Us moms have to make it a learning experience too! :) This trek across the bridge made me nervous considering there was moving traffic on one side and an 80 ft drop into water on the other with relatively short side rails. It was cool and gave us a sweet view of the dam and the river. (Side note: Nate thought that the height of the bridge was perfect for jumping off of, and I said it was too high to live from the experience. I tried looking up the height above the water, but could never find it. I did however find an article where a 28 yr old's last words were, "I can make it!" and he didn't. Even funnier, after reading that article to him, Nate STILL insisted that he could make the jump and live. Oh boys. Not sure what makes him think he's better than the last guy, but whatever.)

 Another adventure for this morning: hiking the "overburden"! After watching the movie on how the dam was built, the kids were excited to hike this mountain of sand that was transported from the dam site, to this site 2 miles away, via conveyor belt. Once we started hiking up the sand however, they were not as excited. They quickly learned how terribly painful hiking/walking up sand is. 2 steps up, 1 step back. It was pretty bad, and pretty dang hot, but we made it. Only a couple of us cried, it's up to you to guess who that was.

 See? Super hot.

 Sidney was a trooper and made it to the top first, nice!

 Sliding back down was much more fun. And so was picking out our lunch at the store - ICE CREAM! It was too hot to eat anything else. Took us an hour to agree on 3 flavors, but we eventually figured it out. 

 The aftermath of the overburden hike.
Back to the lake where we belong. We rented a paddle board for everyone to try and they were rocking it!


 Nathan and Taryn



 Taryn and I

 Nathan even made it all the way across the lake on the paddle board, in under a 1/2 hour. I was impressed. It gets kind of freaky out there all alone on the lake, with only a paddle board between you and the sharks, I mean, fish.

 Me taking a late night dip in the lake - it was so. stinkin. hot. While the kids tried to throw rocks at me.

 We enjoyed throwing footballs, playing card games, and Sidney and Tanner braved the mosquitos and slept under the stars on the deck.