Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sprinkler Days

Can't wait for school to be out so they can do this everyday.

Funny story, while at target Taryn saw some Gatorade bottles and said she wanted one. I told her we wouldn't be getting any but she went over, picked a red one up and said, "Mom, I need one of these for my football practice," and I busted up laughing. She has seen Owen and Sidney get these drinks after their sports games and wanted in on it apparently!

Random May

 Two more deer behind our house! And they are both bucks! What the?!* How annoying that I can't shoot them and put them in my freezer. They are lucky they live within city limits.
Oh yes, and they are beautiful animals, aren't they? I really do respect and think they are amazing creatures, I love looking for them everyday.

 Taryn fell asleep "praying" coming home from Costco the other day.
 Sidney's hicap class got to create their own business and try it out for the real public during the school's annual art walk event. They chose to make and sell origami, and made 60 bucks! It was quite the experience and hopefully they all learned something from it - teacher included. :)
 Tanner and I went on a 1 on 1 date to do some geocaching! It was my 1st time and Tanner's 3rd time. We harnessed Bree's perservering spirit and finally found the cache. Thank goodness she had downloaded a good app on my phone or we would never have figured it out. Super fun hanging out with my Tanner bomb. We also enjoyed scarfing down this delicious and huge shaved ice! Mmmmm

One Month Older and Wiser Too....

 "Ainsley cakes" at 3 months. She is my best baby yet. Hope I won't jinx anything.

Thank you Tanner for this beautiful pic. What would I do without it? 

K and 1st Grade Spring Concerts

 Tanner's in the middle, in white, turned backwards. We never could get him to wave at us, because half the time he was turned around! He did a great job singing and did the actions, for the most part. He said that he was a little nervous, but certainly didn't show it.

 Owen is in the middle, in light green. Unlike last year, he did all the actions and blended in with the group wonderfully!

 It was fun to watch them perform, but I think my favorite part is listening to them sing their songs around the house, morning, noon and night!