Thursday, March 19, 2015


 Can't wait for another summer full of these: campfires, hotdogs, smiles and smores. We just need to restock our woodpile. Anybody have some firewood they want to donate?

Model Cars

 For Christmas, from Santa, the boys got some die-cast model cars to assemble. They were super excited to make them, but were told that Dad probably needed to help them. They weren't super excited about that. But when the day finally came for them to each have a turn with Dad's undivided attention, they were in heaven. They both really enjoyed the process of assembling their cars and getting to use a mini screwdriver to build with. Now they both have a rockin' car to show off and play with!

 This is Nathan experimenting with his camera.

Pre-baby, February Happenings

 The school district invited us to this science night at the Boeing Flight Museum, and we had a great time visiting all the booths, collecting all the free stuff and learning a little bit more about STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

 Took my hair a shade darker, with some highlights.
 The kids, but mostly Sidney, have been excited about doing some bigger puzzles lately. She's getting pretty good!
 Getting donuts before school to celebrate Tanner's birthday. We went the other day for Owen's birthday too, but I forgot to get a picture.
 Always fun when random boards become tracks for your cars and entertainment for longer than 5 minutes. :)

 Homework time!

 Using the googly eyes at the library dance.

 Taryn getting ready to make goodies with Dad.
Nathan took the bathtub picture of Taryn because this was the first time she was brave enough to lay down and "float" on her back.

 The boys got to go to a wrestling clinic that the high school wrestling team put on for the elementary kids. They had a good time and now have some real moves to use on each other, and on some of their willing or unwilling friends.
 Working on Sidney's Great Pyramid project and presentation. We covered rice krispy treats with homemade playdough and covered the board with spray paint and sand. Thanks to dad (Nathan), we finally got this done!

 Because she always seems to have a goose egg on her noggin'.
Getting their hard-earned ice cream reward. They can each earn 20 nickels (each nickel can be earned by doing something without whining, or helping someone, or finishing their chores happily and on time, going to bed, etc) to get an ice cream.

"New" Car

We finally sold this... 
 in order to get this!
This Toyota is only 6 years newer, but this 2003 only has 66,000 miles on it! The lady who owned it before us was 92 years old and only drove it from her house, to the library, to the senior center. I am so grateful to finally have an automatic, non-creaking, indoor lights working, nice upholstery seating, non-oxidized-paint-bearing vehicle.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 While taking Tanner to the bus stop one day, this happened. Since I drive him just to the end of the street in the van, I never make Taryn get in her seatbelt. We were stopped at the top of the hill waiting for the bus, when Taryn wanted to show me a trick in the back. I watched as she pushed herself up between the two captain seats and then swung her legs out. Well, her little muscles gave out right when her feet were out from under her and she did a flip of sorts onto the ground. She started screaming bloody murder, so I told her to come here and I just hugged her head to put pressure on it, hoping she would calm down. She was still screaming pretty good and when I went to look at it, realized that blood was all over my arm, and gushing out of her head! Thankfully, there was another mom at the stop that could make sure Tanner could get on the bus, but I had to go back to the house and get a sick at home Sidney to go to the walk-in clinic. Taryn, as usual, was a trooper and calmed down pretty quickly and was able to religiously hold a towel on the back of her head until we checked in. Some numbing medication and 2 staples later, we were out the door. By the time the boys got home from school, Taryn was ready to jump on the trampoline, good as new. :)
It was super convenient because there is a friend from church that is a nurse, and she happened to have the tool to take out the staples, so a week later we went to her house and popped them right out. Thanks for your help Alise. She saved us a wait in the dr's office and a co-pay.

Happy Valentine's Day

 Somewhere in the chaos of February we celebrated Vday with some treats in the morning and then we finished it off by preparing our traditional "fancy" dinner. This year we made a yummy BLT Salad with basil dressing and chicken wings with crispy skins. Sidney is absent because she was sick that night. :(

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tanner's 6!

 As you can see I was very pregnant, so I didn't really relish the idea of 14 kids in my house. Thankfully I was smart enough to realize we could reserve and use the church gym! The boys played multiple rounds of the game Seahawks vs. Patriots (our version of sharks and minnows), and then had a nerf gun war and obstacle course to go through. Add cake and some presents and call it a party! There was so much space, and easy clean-up, I wondered why I haven't done all the kids' parties here.

Owen (below, holding up his giant poster for Tanner) was so cute and for 2 weeks before Tanner's birthday was busy making him cards and pictures. I think he did at least 7. He was even thoughtful enough to use his allowance money to buy something for Tanner from the school store. All his own idea.
Nate was our "ref" and game coordinator for the night. He did a fabulous job.
 I love all these boys and hope that their families all stick around so they can grow up together. This age is so fun and easy to please - for the most part. :) Our only problem the whole night was when they would trip and fall, or be tagged aggressively and fall, and they would cry. I think each boy took a turn crying his eyes out, either because they got hurt, or because they were mad they didn't win the game.

Happy Birthday Tanner-bomb! We love you!