Friday, January 30, 2015

Ensign Ranch

I wussed out this year (yes, Telisha at 32 weeks pregnant, pathetic, I know) because I knew that Taryn would not sleep, (she's a terrible camping sleeper) and if she didn't sleep, then I wouldn't sleep and if I didn't sleep, NO ONE was going to be happy.  :) I was sad to miss out on all the fun memories they made, but I was not sad to miss out on Revree being awake for 4 hours during the middle of the night. Bree decided that the place must be cursed, and I agree!

 Dutch oven hobo dinner! I am very sad that I missed out on this. mmmm, my favorite...
 Here they are finding all sorts of silly games to play while they warmed up in the wood-stove heated cabin at night.

It gets so hot up in the loft area at night with the stove going, that the kids can hardly sleep in their 0 degree bags we got them. Guess we better go try them out in some real weather.

Sadly, this was the only snow that they had up there to sled on. It was cold though, so this hill was still nice and slippery with ice, so sled they did. They only broke 2 sleds doing it...

They said they had a lot of fun checking out how thick the ice on the pond was. I'm glad no one was dumb enough to try and cross it. They enjoyed "skipping" rocks and footballs across it instead. It took a couple of tries, but Nate finally broke it with a big rock. I'm sure the boys were impressed. We want to make this camping trip a yearly tradition during the Christmas break, but with the lack of snow that early in the year and the lack of sleep everyone seems to get, we'll see what happens next year.

Hi Revree!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mom and Dad's House

By now you've noticed that Bree and Rudd, Revree and Grandma Berry were able to join us and they were here for almost 3 weeks of partying! (Tiffany was coming home from her mission Jan 6th, so they decided to stick around to welcome her home). We decided early on that we would have half the party in Lake Stevens, and half the party in Enumclaw to get the best of both worlds. This is a bit of what we did at mom and dad's house.  

 I didn't document our cookie and treat baking day, or caroling, sad. :(
 Because we were spread all over the house, mom and dad were nice enough to take the early risers - the kids - into their bedroom to let them watch cartoons every morning while the rest of us slept to a decent hour. What saints!
 Puzzle making was a favorite during the break and I had to snap a quick shot of Nathan doing a puzzle all on his own for awhile.

Bree and I had to find all 49 Jelly Belly Flavors in the mix. It's harder than we thought to decipher between all those stinkin red ones! 

Random Christmas Break

 Putting together Lego creations, dressing up, and playing with playdoh again.

 I thought we had more pictures, but this setup was in prep for their nerf gun war and obstacle course. Everyone got nerf guns so we had a couple of different battles at the church gym.
 Can't come to Lake Stevens and not hike Wallace Falls. This time was quite cold though and my mom and grandma should be glad they didn't come. It was freezing, but still beautiful!

Taryn was the happiest to get back into the warm car. She didn't get warmed up by all the rigorous hiking and it was the first time I've ever seen her shivering, poor girl!
 Spent a day playing at the Pacific Science Center and watching an IMAX movie about sharks. We all enjoyed the displays we have grown to love, but our favorite was the new Ripley's Believe It or Not display. There was some CA-RAZY stuff to see.

 This snake was made out of washers!