Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Time

 Last year we went on a weekday evening and this place was calm and picturesque.  Weeeelll, we made the mistake of coming on a Saturday, and let's just say that with 600 other people there it wasn't quite the same experience.  We pretty much got our pumpkins and got out of there.  We'll keep that in mind when we plan our trip next year.  Hailey and PJ came up for a visit, so you can see some of them in a couple of pics.

 Taryn trying to do it on her own, go figure.

 Considering how much we paid for these BIG pumpkins we might have to put a size limit on the kids next year. haha

 Hailey made her famous Pecan-Caramel-Chocolate-Oreo crust cheesecake.  Mmmmm, I want a piece now!, please?  A couple of days later we carved our pumpkins and had a grand ole' time.  It was my favorite pumpkin carving experience with the kids so far because they are all getting old enough to start designing and cutting their own, thanks to cheap pumpkin carving tools.  After scooping some of the gunk out with her, Sidney whipped hers out without any help!  This year was also very interesting because we trunk or treated at the church Halloween party on OCT 21st - very early, and then because of my Grandma's 80th Birthday party on Halloween weekend, the kids didn't do any other trick or treating.  They did get to break open a piñata full of candy, so no one minded too much.  I think I missed the excitement of knocking on doors and collecting candy as fast as you can more than anyone!

 Sidney and Owen's pumpkins.  Owen's vampire had a very skinny mouth, so it was hard to see.
 Tanner's is on the left and Taryn and Nathan's is on the right.

Happy Halloween!

Hunting at Bob and Buffy's House

 I don't have much to say, because I didn't go this year, but here are some pics that Nathan took of their hunting trip in Eastern WA.  They drove quite a few hours to hunt on my uncle's property, but came back empty handed.  They saw a TON of deer, just no bucks.  :(  They still came back with plenty of stories to tell and lots of memories made and that's what matters most.  Sidney and Owen had a good time playing with Hannah and Hyrum and checking out Bob and Buffy's farm.  Til next year!

Nathan, Sidney and Owen in the back, and my dad.  All dressed up because they went to church that morning before the drive home.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Funny faces of the month

 Owen eating peperoncinis.  I think he ate 9 that night, with Nathan's prodding.  Taryn ate 2 or 3 too - and liked it.

 Everyone's scary faces while eating ice cream.  Gross.

Happy 2nd Birthday Taryn!

 Geez, I am super late at putting this up, her birthday was a whole month ago now...but, she did have a fun one and we all had a good time watching this goofy girl open up her presents - in her pajamas, why not?   I just realized they were all in their pajamas, must have been late.
One funny thing I want to remember:  I have been trying to train her for weeks to say 2 when asked how old she is, but she refuses!  Whenever I ask how old she is, she gets this teasing look on her face and says real sarcastically, "five?" or "eight?" or whatever number she is thinking of at the moment.  I know she knows though because she follows it pretty fast with, "two?" and then laughs.  What a goober girl you are Taryn.
 Of course she loved everything she got, and walked around all day singing bits and pieces of the Happy Birthday song to herself.  Whenever we would hand her a present, she would say, "birthday to me!"

 Headlamp from Bree, and boots and Olaf socks and Frozen hairthings from Grandpa and Grandma Berry.  She loves those Olaf socks too!  We got her a couple of books and a fisher price little people tractor and trailer.

 I was proud of Sidney because she pretty much baked, frosted and decorated those cupcakes all on her own, and they were beautiful!
Sitting with her favorite buddy on her birthday, can't get much better than that.

Fall Sports

 Nate is coaching the boys' flag football team this year and they have all had a great time being on the Colts team.  (Sidney has her volleyball and the boys have their flag football at the same time, so I haven't been able to take any pics of them playing yet).
 Sidney has enjoyed learning how to play volleyball for the first time.  She has great coach and a fun team.  With her small frame, she has been struggling to serve the ball over the net, but finally got it over one time!  We are hoping she does it again for her last game this Saturday!  Their team name is the Hawaiian Hitters, because their socks have Hawaiian flowers on them.