Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

 A LONG time back, Nathan and I went to a seminar where they promised us a night's stay at the Great Wolf Lodge (a hotel with an indoor waterpark) if we attended.  Well, the weekend finally arrived, and we timed it to be right around Taryn's 2nd birthday, since we thought it would be a good time to party together!  Party we did too!  Upon arrival, they gave all the kids wolf ears, and we decided then and there that we would love this place.
 We didn't waste any time getting into bathing suits and heading out to the waterpark for an afternoon swim.
 Don't mind Tanner picking his nose here.  Just enjoying the Costco muffins we brought for breakfast.

 It was super kid friendly and the kids frequently stopped at the lobby's "Cub Corner" where they could color, make crafts, and get their faces painted.  We loved that someone else would entertain our kids so we could sit down for brief moments of time.  :)

 We all enjoyed the water slides and even I got brave enough to get into a swimming suit and head down the tubes!  It was funny because all the signs warn against pregnant women going down them, but I had quite a few friends say that they had all gone down them pregnant and no one stopped them, so I tried to play it cool too.  I only had one lifeguard look at me and say, "Ok, you did read the safety guidelines, right?"  I said, "yes," and headed on down.  They really weren't that bad and because you were riding on tubes for most of them, there wasn't that much stress on my body, and I'm so glad, because they were super fun to go on with the kids!  They are all crazies!  Even Taryn went down on these red and yellow slides by herself.

We had a wonderful time, and besides a little normal whining and restlessness, the kids couldn't have done better!
Leaving in our warm pjs to be cozy for the 2 hour ride home.  We ate our last yummy meal at Burger Claim (Seriously good burgers; we tried a Gorgonzola burger, an Ultimate Breakfast burger, a Bacon Chicken Club, and a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger after all was said and done, and they were all yummy) and went home full and exhausted!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's a....

Girl!!!  Sidney screamed when she found out. "I just knew it would be a girl."

We are right at 19 weeks, with a due date in late February. That will be interesting since Tanner's bday is Feb 23rd, Telisha's is March 5th, and Owen's is March 17th. If we time it right we will have 4 birthdays in less than 30 days.

Oh boy! Or, better said, O girl!!!