Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Motorcycle Riding

 This is how Sidney views her and Taryn's relationship.
 This is what her and Taryn's relationship really looks like - Taryn struggling to get away.
 After our church day of service project in the morning of cleaning up, weeding, and clearing trails at Glenwood Elementary, we decided to go ride motorcycles again!  Another family in our ward had a go-cart that hadn't been broken in, so Nathan took it upon himself to help them out with that!  hehe  We had a fun time taking turns and teaching their older boys how to use a clutch on a motorcycle so they could shift gears.  They caught on pretty fast and we all enjoyed ourselves.

 Can't go home until we've made a fire and roasted hotdogs and mallows!
 Taryn doing her thing, eating, not-stopping for one second, and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Awkward photo of me, but proof that I go and have fun too.  :)

Silver Springs

 Sidney has become quite the little motorcycle rider and has no fear!  Her dad loves it too!  The boys can ride it, but aren't quite as adventurous on it because they aren't tall/strong enough to muscle the bike around like Sidney can.  She has even started to stand up on the pedals while riding over bumps and rocks.  You go girl!
 We enjoyed what we think will probably be our last family camping trip of the summer.  We drove out toward Mt. Rainier to a beautiful campsite called Silver Springs.  Huge, gorgeous trees everywhere, the sound of water flowing in the background, campfires, kids riding their bikes and climbing across fallen trees - can't beat that!  Aaaahhh, I could stay there forever, it's so peaceful and relaxing.

 I think what made the camping even better was that mom and dad brought most of the food, no planning for me!

Monday, September 15, 2014

1st of School!

 Sidney Nicole - 3rd Grade
 Owen Bryant - 1st Grade (and he thought it would be fun to wave last minute for the picture, goofy kid!)

 Waiting at the bus stop with friends.  I'm so excited because this year Sidney and Owen have each other, to walk down to the bus stop without me!  Yeah!

 I took Tanner to school for his first day of Kindergarten, but normally he takes the afternoon bus and rides home with the other kids.
 Tanner Bennett - Kindergarten
Tanner is lucky because he has 3 other friends from church that are in his class, so it made the transition to school super easy.  So far they are all loving their teachers and school.  Life is good.

Backyard Camping

 These two pictures represent the week that Nathan took a turn with each kid 1-on-1, sleeping out in the tent in the backyard.  They had a fire and then got to stay up late and talk in the tent with their Dad.  Not sure why the other 2 got gipped out of a picture.  But they still all had a fun time, of course.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Blue Angels

So one day, we went with a couple other families to see the Blue Angels fly over some lake near Seattle.  We had a picnic and swam in the lake afterwards.  It was SO cool and SO fun, and this is the only picture I have to prove it.  The End.

Taryn climbing Maniac

 These pics are off Nathan's not so awesome phone, so sorry about the fuzzy quality.  :)

Can you see why this girl is giving me grey hair? literally.
(My dad is 6 feet tall - to give you some idea of how high she really is!)

Boeing Classic

Nathan should be the one to blog about this, since I really don't have anything to say about it, except that he volunteered to help, and got to see some cool golfers and got some cool gear to keep.  I know he had a good time and is already looking forward to signing up next year. :)


 My aunt Tami works at the Caterpiller company and one day she invited us all the take a tour of her work.  She bought them all souvenirs and we had popsicles as a treat at the end!  How awesome!
 We were all impressed by the big tractors and wanted to sit on every single one.

 Thanks Tami for the great afternoon!  We love you!

Ensign Ranch

 At the beginning of August we went camping at the nearby LDS owned campground with the Jones and Tuita families.  We spent 2 nights, 3 days there and had a great time!  Everyone loved this massive waterslide and it was perfect for the super hot days.  Another favorite was the rope swing, at least until Kaho dragged himself along the swing wall...

 I have been super lame taking pictures this summer, due to a lame camera, so this is all you get of the trip!  Oh yeah, another big highlight for the kids was playing in the river and riding bikes everywhere together.  Our kids have friends in each of the families their own age, so it's a riot watching them all play.

Owen's Cast Comes Off

 At the end of July, Owen got his cast off and his pins taken out.  So glad I wasn't at that appointment.  Yuck!  He was tough and brave while they took the pins out, which they did while he was awake.  Double yuck!

 Here the nurse is pulling out one of the pins.  Nate said they had to yank pretty hard, because of course those pins got pretty attached sitting comfortably for a month.
We are all so glad this part of our lives is over, for now...  :)