Monday, June 30, 2014

Lunds Gulch Hike

 Thanks dad for carrying my dead body weight, you're so awesome!
How can you not love a day with family, a hike and a beautiful destination?

Owen and the Zoo

 First things first, Owen lost his FIRST tooth!  He is officially grown up to me now.
 Then later that week, I was able to be a chaperone for Owen's field trip to the zoo.  I only had him and one of his classmates (which happens to be one of his best friends from church), so it was a completely relaxing day for me.  It's always great to be able to go on an outing without pressure and opinions from other siblings, huh Owen?  Mom likes it too sometimes. 

 Had to throw in a couple of the pictures that he took.  :)  Thanks for the fun day boys!

I love days like this...

Perler Bead Addiction

Perler Beads have saved my life.  The boys love to do them in their down time - a creative outlet, and no punching or destroying anything!