Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 8 - Going Home. boohoohoo

 We spent our last morning in CA at a park and had a grand ole time letting the kids get out some of their energy.  Owen is taking after Landon with his jumping and parcore moves.  :)  I was wishing Landon was there to show us all his cool tricks.

We got to see Annie, Bennett and Cameron one last time.  We finally got a picture of most of us, Matt and Madelyn are missing.  We will always wish we lived closer to these guys.
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The first one is always the best, see?  Seriously, go back and check.
 Then, with the few hours before our flight left, we decided to hang out at Downtown Disney.  These pictures were taken at the LEGO store there, and these figures are also make completely out of legos.

 What a fun, fun, fun trip.  I told Nathan it has been one of our more successful vacations.  Noboby got sick, I wasn't huge and pregnant, no accidents/thefts, etc.  Yehaw.  The kids were so awesome on the plane (even with the flight being at 7:30-10 at night) and many people commented on how well behaved they were.  Whew.  They each dragged along their own suitcases and were excited and proud that they were strong enough to do so.  Thank you everyone involved for helping us have the time of our lives.  I will cherish these memories forever and ever!

Day 7 - Legoland

Get ready for a lot of pics, in no particular order.  The kids took a lot of these, so here goes...and remember that most of what you are looking at is made completely of legos. 

 Sidney's first selfies.  :)

 I will mention briefly here, that this was the coolest ride at LEGOLAND.  I will also go on to say that compared to Disneyland, it was nothin'!  The kids had a great time, but after getting to ride on awesome rides, this park didn't compare very well.  I was also upset that Taryn couldn't ride on anything and that the kids had to ride with an adult on everything because they weren't tall enough -and these were not intense rides.  So, some rides we had to wait in line 3xs to get all of them through.  And they closed at 5pm.  Ok, I might be done ranting.

 The kids favorite part of the park!  Star Wars Land!  Can you guess who all the characters are?  Sidney got them all!

 Another one of their favorite parts of the day.   Don't know what the ride was called, but it created a tidal wave and they all got soaked.  I opted to stay out with Taryn cuz it was not that warm of a day!

 This part of LEGOLAND almost made the cost worth it.  It was also the only part of the park Taryn was interested in (She did not love standing in line for rides that she did not get to ride).  :(  Sidney, Taryn and I walked through the aquarium while the boys rode more rides.  The aquarium was super cool and had some really fun displays to look at and experience.  My favorite was the transparent jellyfish that changed colors with the lights.
 The tunnel where sharks were swimming all around us.  Taryn now knows how to make the shark action.  Dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun....

 This is what Taryn looked like when I pried her from Nathan's grasp, to give him a rest from carrying her all day long.
 This picture we took for my brother, Landon, who may still love Sponge Bob.
 Overall, a good time was had by everyone, but I don't think we will be going back.  I do love this picture of all of them holding up their build and race ribbons.
 Last night at G and G Packards house.  Had to finish it off with a bang with Avocado Basil Pasta, homemade breadsticks, fresh grape juice and a fire on the back patio.  We were definitely spoiled with yummy, yummy food!  Oh, and Spencer and Alisha joined the party for the last couple of days we were there! 
 What a good, squishy smile Taryn!