Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

For Easter we went to G & G Berry's house.  We had another Easter egg hunt, ate way too much good food, and all had extreme sugar overdoses.

Community Easter Egg Hunt

 Taryn with church friend, Claya.  Apparently I got a lot of videos of them egg hunting, but not too many pictures.  They all got a lot of eggs, but Tanner was the matchbox toy prize winner when he found a red ticket! 

Easter Egg Dying

 Always fun! and scary; please don't spill, please don't spill...

Thanks Tiff for the fun egg stickers.

Week of fun winding down.

 Breanna lucked out and got some decent Spring weather for these parts.  We were even able to have a fire one night and had fun telling ghost stories.


 Sidney was super excited that she got to join us on Girls Day Out, shopping and livin' it up!  She realized for the first time that you can have too much of a good thing.  Grandma let her have as much frozen yogurt as she wanted, and let's just say that having seconds wasn't what her stomach wanted her to do. (She did not throw up, but was not feeling her usual perky self.)  We did have lots of fun that day though!
 Had to get a Grandma and grandkids shot!  Does the fun have to end?  Boohoo.  :(  Thanks for the party everyone!

Tanner and Owen play T-Ball

Nate is coaching the boys' t-ball team and they are all having a good time, for the most part.  Tanner can get a bit demanding at times, but I think overall it will be a good experience.  :)  Here is Nate in all his glory.

Here is the 6 yr. old Owen boy in all his glory.  He definitely thinks he is hot stuff out there and wants Nate to push him to do harder things all the time.

Tanner, on the other hand, just wants to get out there and socialize and make friends with everyone.  It is a real party to him and he is the only one I know that likes defense better, because then he has the other team to talk to, and get to know.

Seriously dude, pound it. :)
Sidney likes to eat candy the whole game, and is usually happy as long as the candy lasts.

The rest of the gang...

Here is Revree Mae, the cutest little 6 mo. old ever!  Aren't her eyes amazing!

Taryn Packard head with her Gan-pa.