Sunday, March 2, 2014

Look Who's 5!

 The kids have been on a bit of a Star Wars kick lately.  A friend in the ward is letting us borrow the movies one at a time, so we've had fun talking about the movies, NON-STOP!  So naturally, Tanner wanted a Star Wars party, and we did our best to accommodate.  It was a family party year for him, so we partied by going to the Aquatic Center!  (It snowed that morning, go figure)

 They started the Star Wars party off right by playing the Star Wars board game that morning.
 Sidney and Owen gave Tanner some homemade cards and Sidney even created this Star Wars scene for Tanner.  So creative.

 They are deciphering the Star Wars names she wrote on the back.

 Tanner and Grandpa like to "wrestle hug"

 One of his gifts was this rocket launcher.  I even caught it on camera, see it?  I love Taryn's face.  :)

 Taryn was probably the most enthralled with this gadget, and insists that she have a turn along with everyone else.
 We made Star Wars aliens with our cupcakes and had fun frosting our own creatures.  Mmmm

 Here's a couple of our creations.  We didn't capture all of them because quite a few were inhaled as soon as they were finished.  :)
We almost forgot to have him make a wish and blow out candles, but we got it done!  Happy Birthday happy, crazy, energetic, entertaining, hug-giving, reading, wrestling, light-saber fighting boy!