Thursday, February 27, 2014


We have the 9am church time, so we have a whole day of Sunday to fill when we get home.  We usually have them read books for quiet time after we get a lunch snack.  I had to document their reading forts.  And no, peace and quiet like this doesn't come very often.

If the kids are lucky, Nate will have a break from meetings long enough for him to play the Star Wars board game!  They know all the characters names better than I ever will.

Happy V-day

 Our V-day tradition is to make something yummy and exciting for the whole family and this year we tried our hand at a copycat recipe of Café Rio's Barbacoa Pork Salad, and boy was it YUMMY!  So worth it.  Also made the Pioneer Woman's apple caramel cinnamon rolls and they were to die for too.  Aaaahhh, dreaming about them now makes me want whip up another batch. Seriously, mmmmm.
We went to the same Skating Rink from my youth, and it was fun to see the kids go from hugging the wall, to skate walking on their own in the middle of the rink.

Monday, February 24, 2014


 Tanner and Taryn going after it with the boxing gloves.

 Making forts with big boxes.  Actually, let me be clear.  One is an ice cream stand on which Sidney has written, "Sid's Ice Cream Shop, Only one person allowed inside at a time!!!"  The other is a rocket ship - at least for today.

 The following pictures are highlighting the fact that after Taryn's baths Nate likes to "style" her hair into various nasty designs.  We have only documented a few, but the first is a terrible picture of a complete comb over, and the next couple are just her with some crazy hair!

 "Dad, really?, is this necessary?"

Wallace Falls

 My dream came true!  We got to go on the waterfall hike again - in the same month even!  It did not disappoint.  We brought more treats, more water, had a real hiking backpack for Taryn, and the kids did great!  We even hiked to the middle falls this time, for a total of 4 miles.  Grandpa Berry came too (maybe that's why the kids were so awesome), while Grandma was in Boise taking care of G and G Rigby.

Aaaahh, so beautiful.  Maybe I can bribe them to go again.  :)

Museum of Flight

 We went to the Museum of Flight on the free night in January, and had a good time checking out all the airplanes. 
 Owen definitely has some engineer in him.  You can just see the wheels turning in his little brain, trying to figure out how everything works together.  He is constantly moving things, pulling things apart, twisting, and asking questions to get it all worked out in his head.

Yeah for learning!