Monday, January 20, 2014

Reptile Zoo

For Tanner and I's 1 on 1 we went to The Reptile Zoo.  Someone told me about this place in the middle of nowhere and I've been wanting to go for awhile.  It was a perfect outing for Tanner because he likes reading about snakes and wanted to see the most poisonous ones - this place did not disappoint!
 We got there just in time to see them feed this big guy and 3 other small alligators. So. cool.  Those small alligators were feisty little boogers.  I would not want to get stuck anywhere with them.  Tanner was our photographer. :)

 They had a two-headed turtle.  What the heck?!
 I loved this place, because they were pretty chill about letting you hold and touch the reptiles.  Tanner was excited about holding "the snake that goes around your neck."  Thanks Tanner for having a fun time with me!

Welcome 2014!

 We brought 2014 in with a bang by splurging 10 bucks on fireworks.  Of course we lit them early so that the kids could be involved.  We danced around like fools and screamed and made all the neighbors wonder a little more about how weird we are.  :)

 New Years Day was spent laughing at Taryn's craziness, playing with new toys, and riding bikes.
 If you can't tell what is going one here, Grandpa is giving Tanner a fake drink and a pep talk, in between boxing rounds.  They mostly had fun...

And yes, this scares me, but she loves it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wallace Falls State Park

 Taryn is the WORST car rider ever!  Aren't kids supposed to be lulled to sleep by them?  Anyways, this trip to Wallace Falls wasn't any different, but I decided to see if she would stop crying when I tried to take a picture of her, because she loves being a cheese for the camera.  Sure enough, she stopped crying/screaming TWO TIMES, just to smile for the camera.  Oh so funny.  She's such a girl, didn't want to be caught looking bad.

 Some of the scenery on the way there.  It was so beautiful!  The kids whined a little bit at the beginning of the trip, but they did pretty darn good considering it was a 3.5 mile round trip, up and down hills, hike!
 Here is a mini waterfall we couldn't resist taking a picture by.
 We made it!  Remind us to take more water and more candy next time! Oh yeah, and a real hiking backpack to carry Taryn in...
 We didn't get the best picture of the falls, but the lower falls is right behind us and then the upper falls are further behind us at the top of the pic.  You can hike to the top of the upper falls, but we figured we better not push our luck anymore.
 I loved every minute of this gorgeous hike and wanted to go again the next day.  I was definitely outvoted on that one, but I sure do hope to go again soon. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Fun Center

 Nathan bought a couple of passes on Groupon for this Fun Center, and fun it was, esp because we got to hang out with Emily and Phil one more day!  I love going to places like this with 4 adults because then every kid can do/go where they want.  It was a party for sure, complete with cheap toys that the kids cry about when they break 20 seconds later.  :)
 If you look closely you can see Owen, Sidney and Tanner are racing each other.  It was a pretty good match.  Just for the record, Phil did beat Nate later on.

 Owen and I had a pretty successful day, we won 2 races on the motorcycle to earn an extra game, and I was able to help Owen pick up 6 dinosaurs with "the claw."  We got 3 dinos in one grab and we were super excited about that one.  My favorite thing of the day was the bumper cars.  Even though it looks like a silly "ride", I still laugh my head off the whole time.  Seemed like during a couple of crashes Tanner's head WAS going to come off. 

One last stop at Wendy's and we had to say goodbye to the Leues.  Thanks for the frostys and for coming up to visit us and tease the kids.  We loved having you.  Always sad to say goodbye.

Christmas Day

 What can I say, it was full of surprises and fun and love and excitement and craziness.  Oh yeah, the highlight of the day was being able to Skype with my siblings, Sister Tiffany Berry (who is in Pittsburgh, PA) and Elder Landon Berry (who is in Redlands, CA) who are serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was great to see their smiling faces and get to hear from them face to face.  They are SO awesome! 

 Sidney did her hair like this all by herself.  I told her that some adults can't even do hair that fancy. 
Chatting it up with my sister Breanna.  Bree is nice enough to call, and lets Sidney talk as much as she wants, which is usually a lot.  Nate just had to take a picture of how cute and mature she looks while she's doing it.  She's getting to be quite the pro.

Merry Christmas!