Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 Thanksgiving with family is the best!  We had Thanksgiving down at my parents house and ate dinner in the church gym and then played there afterwards.  We got to see Bree and her family, Bob and Buffy's family, Grandma Berry, Elwin and Adam, Sarah and Nick's family,Tami and Mom and Dad -some of whom we hadn't seen for awhile! Owen and Hyrum and Tanner had fun hanging out.
 Sidney and Hannah became good buds.

 And we got to see Revree for the first time!  She is a cutie patootie!  Sidney was all over seeing and holding her cousin, but Taryn took one look at her and ran away.  They'll be friends eventually.

 We had to buy the girls matching dresses, we couldn't resist.  And then of course we had to have a photo shoot.  Here's how it went...(the first one is always the best, right?, but then you continue to take 20 more pictures in hopes that you can capture even a better one, but you never do).

 Ditching the cousin.
 Ok , I'll stay here and be cute by myself.
Sidney was a champ and would hold Revree even when she cried.  There were quite a few times when she would get her quieted down all by herself!  Sidney loved her cousin.


 Sidney took a gymnastics class through Lake Stevens Parks and Rec, and boy did she love it.  Yes, this 90 year old looking woman teaches it, but she does have some younger helpers that direct the girls.  Sidney is definitely built for gymnastics and is good at it.  Her favorite stations are the high beam, the bars, and the vault.  I'm a lame mom and continue to forget my camera at critical points in life.  I'm too busy enjoying it, ok?!  :)

She was mad at me one day because I made the mistake of telling her that this wasn't a "real" gymnastics class, just a play one.  She thought I should have known that she wanted to be in a real class.  I have been reminded over and over again now that she wants to go to gymnastics for real.  If she only knew how much money and time we would be committing...We'll figure something out girl!