Monday, November 18, 2013

Flag Football

 Just so you know who to look for, Owen is always in the red hoodie, but after looking at the pics, there are a couple others in red too, so good luck.  They got some cool reversible jerseys that copied NFL teams, and Owen's team was the Saints.

 Nate was the defensive coordinator for Owen's team and had a lot of fun doing it.  Owen's coach, and friend of ours from our ward, is moving this week, so Nate is going to have to step up next year and be the Head Coach, yikes!  :)
 This is the game that he pulled 3 flags! 

 Let's just say that coaching 5 and 6 year olds in football is EXCITING and CRAZY!  It really was fun to watch them learn the game and get better and more excited about playing every week.  I have liked watching football more than soccer or t-ball because it is just so darn cute to watch them try and make passes, do tricky hand-offs, and pull flags when they are so little.
 Owen was known for his defensive work as a linebacker, and had even told his coach that he did NOT want to play offense, he just wanted to pull flags!
 Way to work hard Owen, and good job learning the game and figuring out where to be - it's no easy task!
Sidney is perfecting her cheerleading skills, and has no fear!  Scary to think she might be into that someday....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trick or Treat, smell my feet...

 In no particular order, here is the rest of our Halloween experiences.
 This was an AFTER Trunk or Treating shot - which explains the smeared face paint, or lack thereof.  It's just so darn hard for me to get pictures of the kids in their costumes every year!  I am always too rushed, and they are way too wound up, and everyone is ready to jump out the door before I can get pictures of them.  It makes me so annoyed. - oh well, they were cute.

 I just love all the different kinds of pumpkins you can find out there these days!  :)  But we learned the hard way that we won't be carving another bumpy pumpkin like Owen has, because they are too darn thick!  It's fun to see all their personalities come out in their choice of pumpkin and in their pumpkin designs.
 The moustache fad showing itself at Halloween.  Even my daughter knows about it!
 This is basically our only picture on Halloween night.  We had the Rice and Parker family over to trick or treat and party afterwards, but you can still see Owen as Batman on the left, Sidney as the short witch in the middle, Taryn as the hamburger, and Tanner as "the bad Spiderman, Vemon."  See, I need a close-up of his amazing face paint, done by my mom.  aaaahhh.
Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Farm at Swan Lake

 We liked the pumpkin patch so much that Sidney and I went back for her 1 on 1 date with me!
 This time we went all out and splurged on the wristband.  :)  We bounced, ran through the hay maze, played in corn kernels, went on the swings, held kitties and saw all sorts of animals, rode the hayride AND the tractor ride, slid down all the slides, and got some apple cider (which is now her favorite hot drink).  My favorite part was that it wasn't that crowded so we didn't wait in any lines and got to do everything as much as we wanted!
 Sorry, can't figure out how to turn this now.

OH what fun it is to ride, on a one-tractor, open trailer!

Pumpkin Patch Paradise

 If going to the pumpkin patch gets them to hug, then we are definitely keeping this as a tradition!  :)  It's great living semi in the country because we are fairly close to about a gazillion pumpkin patches, no really, it is kind of ridiculous.  I don't know how any of them make money.  We chose the patch that seems to be the LDS mom favorite.
 Here's a good picture of how much she works that tongue!

Looks like a successful family outing to me!  Yea, no one crying!


Sidney went real hunting (or hiking with guns) for the first time, and she did great!  We had so much fun and we were glad that Grandpa could take us out.  It's been about 10 years since I've been hunting in WA, so it was fun to see some old stomping grounds again.  We went 2 weekends in a row, and both times Sidney was the hiking champion.  We hiked A LOT and I was pleasantly surprised that she kept my Dad on his toes and was pushing him to go faster by the end.  :)  My Dad reminded me that Sidney had a couple of good one liners on this trip, probably because she would get a little winky by the end of the day.  One time while hiking with my Dad she said, "Grandpa, I hike fast and quiet and you hike slow and noisy!"  The other one was while we were in the jeep on a bumpy road - and you have to realize she can't see out the window, so she is just seeing the trees and sky - she said with an exasperated voice, "Geez Grandpa, whatcha doin', makin' up your own road?"  We busted up on that one!  She didn't enjoy the waking up in morning, in the pitch black, with freezing cold temps, but who does? 

Driving and riding in the jeep was our favorite!  Sidney got to be a good little driver after a couple days practice.
Not getting something was NOT our favorite. We were really looking forward to some deer steaks.  :(
Don't you think they should have warned us that this entrée was big enough to feed a large family?
Eating out at The Last Resort.  Boy, was their food delicious!  Huge, but delicious.  It was so fun to relive memories of growing up and going hunting with my dad, and to be able to share that experience with Sidney was awesome.  Thanks Dad! 

Random October

 The Young Women in our ward put on a fashion show for the younger Primary girls.  It was pretty cute, they did their hair and made them these fun flower hairclips for them to keep.  Sidney was quite the model and loved being able to show off her sparkly owl shirt!

 Taryn is not sure she loves being loved THAT much!
 Boys being boys.

 Sidney and Owen got free yogurt coupons from a fun run at school, so we all reaped the benefit of that.  Mmmm, makes me want some right now!
 Gotta enjoy the sun when its out!  Tanner and Sidney got along out there for a couple of hours at least.  It was a world record.
Taryn being a goober.  If that face doesn't say goober I don't know what does. hahaha.  She makes us laugh every day.