Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Taryn!

 Taryn is 1!  She's been walking for months now and is running everywhere - and away from me whenever she can.  She is thru and thru a Daddy's girl, and to be honest, that is fine by me.  Nathan eats it up!  She hates being fed food by anyone but herself, and still loves her bottle.  She is starting to watch and mimic our lips when we talk and sing, and will occasionally tell you what a lion says.  She loves to dance and be chased around the house by her brothers.  Sadly though, she will not sit still long enough to be read 2 pages of a book.  She loves to be outside and is offended if you tell her she's not big enough to do something the other kids get to do.  She is a fairly even tempered girl and is as tough as nails! (She doesn't cry when given shots and hardly ever cries when she falls on her head - which is a good thing when she has 2 brothers that knock her over and trip her when we're not looking)  We love you girl!!!  Happy 1st Birthday!

 Thanks Aunt Bree!

 This girl was reaching for the cake before it even got to her.  She can NEVER sit still and WAIT!

 She actually ate very little of the cake and didn't like that the frosting made it stick to her hands.  She kept trying to fling it off her hands to get rid of it!

 Where do you want to be shipped Owen?


 Don't let all the cuteness fool you, this one is a firecracker!

Sept. Goings On

 Cascade Park - hanging out with our friend Stacey
 Our ward campout was fun, even though only 4 families stayed to camp!  It was raining for a half hour or so, so everyone cleared out.  Nathan took Taryn home because she doesn't do so hot in a tent yet.  It was perfect though because the rest of us slept in the van and stayed dry all night!  Took out the seats and we all fit snug as a bug.  :)  I was glad we stayed because after it stopped raining it was a beautiful, bright night and we all enjoyed our time around the fire and throwing rocks in the river the next morning.

 This is what the kids came back looking like when Nate took them fishing once.  Lovely.  I hope our washer will recover.