Thursday, September 19, 2013

While Mom was gone...

I went down to Utah for a week to try and be there when Bree had her baby.  I missed it by a week, because of course she would be 10 days overdue.  But we (me, Bree and Rudd, and my mom) still had a swell time taking LONG 4 hour walks on campus, eating yummy food, swimming at the Provo Rec Center, shopping, decorating, and taking more long walks.  We were terrible at taking pictures, but the following pictures are the ones Nate took while he ran the house alone.  :)  Way to go dad.
 They did a little swimming,
 Caught an Everett Aquasox game, smile Tanner!
 That's better.

 Ate some hamdogs at Grandpa's house - A hamburger shaped like a hotdog.

 Owen learned about magnetism.

 Ate way more popsicles than a normal person needs, I heard.

 Tanner zoned out a bit.

 Hung out at the gym.
 Told you Taryn was a crazy chick.  She thinks she's big enough to ride one of these by herself.
 And Sidney and Owen had their first day of school without me!  Look how big they all are!  Aaaaahhhh

My 2nd Grade superstar!

 What a stud.
 And what a cutie.  See this smile?  She knows how to ham it up for the camera all right.

 Was your 1st day of school that bad Owen?  No.  He really has loved it and can't stand that he has to wait until the afternoon to go.  The hours in the morning can't go fast enough for him. 
And Mom had to bring back BYU shirts for everyone, of course!  GOOOOoooo Cougars!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nathan Turns 30!

On August 24th I turned 30 years old. Other people made a lot bigger deal about that than I did, but it was still an exciting day. Telisha told me about a month before that she had purchased something on groupon for my birthday, so although I knew how much she spent I had no idea what it was. I skipped out of work at noon and we headed south to Seattle. We arrived at the small airport next to Boeing for me to Introductory Pilot's License Flight. After some discussion in the office discussing the flight controls and the instrumentation panel, we went outside to our Cesna.
We went through the full pre-flight operations, including towing the plane out to the runway by hand. We got settled into the cockpit, with me in the pilot's seat. The instructor did the takeoff and landing, but otherwise I got to fly the plane.
It was awesome. I got to take the plane up to 2000 feet. We flew North along the west side of the Puget sound, do a hard 90 degree turn over to the Seattle coast line, and fly back down along the city waterfront. The weather was PERFECT, the view was spectacular, and it was awesome to fly the plane.
Afterwards we went to an awesome bbq joint in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood near downtown. We felt like we were in Columbus again. However, they were the best ribs I have ever had. So good. The meat alone was wonderfully smoked, but with that awesome sauce, mmmmmmmmmmm. THe only things that compare our my Aunt Eileen's ribs and some from a place in Memphis (thank you JJ and Heather Lant).
We spent a few hours in Pioneer Square in seattle (the public library, a game shop, a few small shops, etc.) before arriving at the next awesome event, a Segway tour of Seattle.
It was sooo much fun. Sooooo much fun. The weather was still perfect, Telisha looked amazing, we were out from 7:30-9:30, we saw a lot of the city, and the segways were cool (they can really movefast, go up and down hills, down curbs, etc.)
If you didn't know, Seattle has this disgusting tradition of putting gum on this alley wall near Pike Place Market. I could not believe how much gum there was. What you see is literally 1/5th of all the gum there. I wanted to throw up. It was so vile. There had to be millions of pieces of gum. Woof. Vomit. Telisha just said "It gets rained on every once in a while. It's clean." Woof.
After the tour we stopped for ice cream on the water.
We are grateful we live close to Mom and Dad. Thanks for watching the kids for us. Thank you Telisha for the best birthday I've ever had. I had so much fun hanging out with you. Thanking for planning that awesome stuff.
The next day, my actual birthday, we had a more relaxing time. We hung out at the house, went to the beach in Everett, made homemade ice-cream, and opened presents. It was a great weekend.