Monday, August 19, 2013

 My aunt Tami invited us to her work party and party we did.  EVERYTHING was free and we took full advantage of all the free food, free ice cream, free rides, and free bouncy houses.
 The kids had fun in these "hamster cages"  They also had a blast playing lazer tag in the field.

 Taryn got to go on her first fair ride with Grandpa!  She loved the ride that went up and down and spun around.  She is a wild one I tell ya.

 Tanner was a little nervous the first time around, but by the end wanted to go again.  I think Owen rode it 3 times in a row!

And this little girl is a poser for the camera man.  She sees one come out and she gets her grin ready.


 We were trying to reenact a picture that Nate took with Sidney when she was this age.  Sidney had A LOT more hair.  :)
 I just love it when this happens.
 These are Owen's plasma car shoes.  They sure did get some use.
 And Taryn is now walking!!!  Mostly all the time now.  She never really wanted to sit still, or roll, or crawl, she has always wanted to walk.  Watch out world, here she comes!

Well, she's getting there anyways.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aquafest Children's Parade

So I decided to be an adventurous mom and enter our family into the Lake Stevens Childrens Parade, the night before the "real" parade.  The theme was "Luau on the Lake" and so we dressed up and went to see what it was all about.  (Mom came before to paint all the kids faces, so cute!)
 We waited in line and were number 18 in the parade.  It was pretty well organized but you can only imagine what it was like with an almost 1 year old in the wagon, me carrying a stupid boombox that skips everytime it gets bumped - who still owns these dumb things anyways  :) and trying to reign in 2 boys on bikes so that they don't run over the people in front of us.
 Hopefully they had fun amidst all the chaos and me here probably yelling at them to slow down.

 Oh good, I did smile once at least.

 I decided it was worth it though when that week the girls picture was in the newspaper!  See above

 One of the other reasons I decided to try the parade out was that each participating child got a free carnival ride ticket!  Woohoo for freeeeeeeee!  I think overall it was a fun and successful outing..but we may not be doing it next year. - we'll see.

Forest Park

This park had everything!  How come I've never been here before, and it's so close too.  Our first stop was the petting zoo.  Sidney was our photographer for the day.

 I think she took a picture of every rabbit, but I've narrowed it down to a couple.  :)

 They had baby bunnies that were abt 2 months old, and then these bunnies that were 2 weeks old.  Can you see their tiny, tiny bodies swaddled in the fuzz back there.  They were THE cutest things ever!  Almost made me want one.
 Our second stop was getting a free ride on a horse!  What? Free!  The line was even short because we went right as they opened. 
 Sidney getting off.
 Owen is my quiet kid when it comes to expressing excitement.  I couldn't get so much as a weak smile out of him, but he insisted that he had fun.
 Tanner however has no reservations and was all smiles.  He was the only one I could get to whip his hand around and say, "YEHAW!"
 Our last stop was the water splash pad and playground!  We spent the rest of the day here, and even I was sad to go home at the end of the day.
 Sidney can usually be found on the monkey bars.  She is trying to master any length and any height the playgrounds offer her.
I love the age the kids are in right now.  They can entertain and play with each other all day at places like this.  Yea for beautiful parks!