Monday, July 29, 2013

Breanna's Baby Shower

 I was so excited to top off my trip with Breanna's baby shower!!!  She planned it on this day just so I could be there.  How nice of her.  We had a fun-filled day of playing at the new and AMAZING Provo Rec Center before the baby shower, but it was fun to ditch the kids and visit with my cousins and see all the cute stuff Bree collected from the party.
 Tawnette threw the big party for her.
 Chandalyn is due a couple of weeks before Bree.

 Taylee (Chan's oldest) just had to have a picture of her too!

I love you Bree!  You'll be a great mom.  Can't wait to see this little girl in a couple of weeks!

Hangin' at Emily's and the Owlz Game

 We hung out at the park and Emily and Phil's new house before we headed over to the Owlz game.

 P.S. That weird looking duck thing is called a double-crested cormorant.  I looked it up.  It was not a lochness monster.

 Emily sang the National Anthem at the Owlz game and she did fabulous!  Way to go girl, you've got pipes.

See how excited Taryn was for her? 
(side note: We even got a foul ball as we left the game.  It bounced over the wall and Nate heard it and I dived after it, while PJ blocked the 8 yr old from getting it first.  :)
Thanks Emily and Phil for treating us to a night of fun!

Bridal Veil Falls

 After the reunion we had a couple of hours to waste, so we relaxed at The Dairy Keen for a milkshake or two while we played at the nearby park.  Then we headed over to Bridal Veil Falls to play in the water! 

 They've done quite a few updates since we were there last and now they even have a fish pond where you can feed the fish they stocked at the bottom of the falls.
 The kids had a fun time trying to "pet" them after they dropped a couple of pellets in.

Packard Family Reunion

 Cutest picture of the week, hands down.
 Playing games when the kids were asleep.  My favorite thing of the week. :)  I will always remember the night of dried mango eating and playing Spot It, or something...thank you Josh...and PJ.

 Best buds

 The water guns were a big hit, thank goodness Mark and Bonnie brought them.  This is what the boys did ALL DAY, literally.  I might have squirted my fair share too...

 Playing ol' faceful when it was our turn for kids games.

 And for the record Chris, I won.  Thank you Nate for having my back though. :)

 Way to go Tanner bomb!
 The kids still all say their favorite thing at the reunion was tubing.  I think it was mine too.  So fun, so relaxing, and the perfect size creek for the kids to handle.

 Taryn's favorite thing to do with dad.
 Owen was a little apprehensive about having to eat a plate full of candy, what?  Since when?

 The pig fest is almost over.
 DONE.  nasty.

 I still don't know how Owen felt about the whole thing.  Funny boy.
 We know Austin was excited.  :)

 Thanks Alisha for the presents from China!!!
 Grandpa singing "The pitter-patter of the shingles," using Tanner as an example.  :)  I was proud of him for sitting still the whole song - a big deal for this kid.

 Sidney and Stella saying goodbye.  They even had a little sleepover together in one of the tents by themselves.  They were great buddies, we wish they lived closer!
 Camelot "Resort" in Heber Canyon.  You were good to us, thanks for the memories.