Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 7th Sidney!

 Sidney picked out and helped me make this gorgeous cake.  I should say rice krispy treat, since that's what we made it out of.  It worked out very nicely - it all eventually got eaten, and it was much easier to frost than a crumbly cake.
 Isn't it a beauty?
 We painted picture frames,

 ate some pizza,
 played some games,

 and had some castle cake and ice cream.  Mmmmm...

 We did makeovers while we watched Madagascar 3 and then opened presents!!!  I think we did everything you could possibly do at a party, don't you?

 The girls all took home their frames with a copy of the group picture to put inside it!  Aren't they glammed to the max?!

 My thank you hug for all my hard work.  Yes, it was worth it.  :)
 Thanks Tiff (and Nate of course) for making this party a success!

We ended this most perfect day by lighting Sidney's lantern, saying goodbye to being 6.  :)  Sidney is a great big sister, an avid learner and reader, a good example, and a good girl!  We love her SO much!

Father's Day and other things...

 Here's the start of our firepit.  Yeah, a lot of digging, but it's going to be SOOOO cool.
 Some pre-bday and pre-father's day with my parents.

 Practicing (playing with) the mentos/pop bottle rockets.  I thought I had some cooler pics of this, but apparently not.
 Just Tiff being Tiff.  Always awesome.
 Happy Father's Day!  Nothing too exciting.  Except steak for dinner.  I guess that's pretty exciting for us!  Sidney wanted to make him breakfast, so she helped me make English muffins and special eggs (scrambled eggs with bacon, tomatoes and onions, her favorite and Nate's).

Cuz Taryn is cute....

Epic Jeep Trip 2013

 This is definitely Nate's trip, so if he wants to give any details, then he will have to update you later!  They had some fun stories to tell though....
We left Wednesday morning at around 10 am.

We stopped in Cashmere for lunch at Rusty's. I ordered the Rusty burger, and the other three all went with the Jr. Rusty :( None of us were brave enough to try the "World's Famous Big Rusty Burger" (4 patties, 4 cheese, etc.)

On the drive up to the Canada border we all got tired. Rudd didn't find navigating too interesting.

Landon left for his mission to Riverside, CA a few days after the trip. He decided he wants to serve in Riverside, WA instead (with his jeep)

We stopped in Oroville for gas. I am pointing to the "scenic road" we planned to take.

Here was some of the scenery.

Beautiful. Bald eagles everywhere.
Before we get any further, I must mention our exciting trip to the Canada border. We passed through the U.S. checkpoint, as the patrol man waved us through. We thought that meant we could turn around before we officially crossed the border. WRONG. When we got the Canada checkpoint we were SHARPLY rebuked and interrogated by the Canadian mounties who did not think it was AT ALL amusing that we had come up to the border just to turn around. Apparently that is not allowed. Plus, this was all 5 minutes before the border was supposed to close for the day, so they were less than excited to be dealing with us. After being told to "get our butts back" over to the U.S. checkpoint, we were then interrogated by the U.S. patrolmen who had just barely waved us through. I did my best to not laugh openly at either checkpoint. I am sure that Dad and Landon (who was driving) were a lot more uncomfortable than I was, but overall it made for a memorable few minutes.

This was the starting point to our trip. We loved the sign.

We had to have seen 2 dozen deer over the 2.5 days.

Just some exploring while we tried to find a nice campsite for the night.

Our first night was great. Foil dinners. Always a camping favorite.

We had a decent campsite, although I slept TERRIBLY!!  Hard rocks and uneven surface with no air mattress. We used an old logger campground with a nice structure for hanging the tarp, which was nice because it rained HARD for a long while during meal prep and camp setup.