Thursday, May 30, 2013

Landon's B-Day at Teanaway

 Happy 19th Birthday to my younger brother, Landon.  To celebrate his birthday he wanted to go ride motorcycles.  Apparently he's a fan of doing this for his birthday - mom said that they had probably celebrated up at this same spot 6 or 7 times.


 I have lots of fond memories of walking through this tunnel and following the creek down the mountain.

 Our hike up to the lookout where we would scan for deer.

 And although I'd rather not show anyone this picture, I have to document the fact that I jumped in the creek with my other clothes on (go me!  Nate jumped in the freezing cold water first and I couldn't let him show me up)  These dry pants were donated by my aunt Tami, and lets just say they were a little big for me.  I have a bungee cord as a belt to top it off.  This pose isn't helping things either...

 We even did double rides.  The kids couldn't get enough!

Don't you just want to kiss that little face?


 End of the year music concert.  They made the concert short and sweet and we loved every minute of it. 
 She was part of a six person solo, I don't know what you call that....and she did a fabulous job.  The rest of the kids forgot the words at one point and you could hear Sidney's little voice leading them back to the right part.  Way to go girl.
 Such a cute girl.
 Pics from a field trip to the fire and police stations.  They also visited the library that day, and she said that the library was her favorite stop, even though she's been there a hundred times.  She's definitely a little book worm.

Workin' in the yard

 I'm sad that I didn't get Sidney in any of these pics, but we had 9 cu. yards of dirt brought in to spread over our grass, and the kids were great helpers.  Of course they might have been a little motivated by money.  I told them that I would give them 5 cents for every bucket that they filled and moved, and boy did they move dirt after that!  They worked for hours, and I was amazed!  They are all great workers.  We gave them each a couple of bucks extra for all their hard work.  Money is where it's at with these kids.  They have been able to see the perks of having some cash since we started giving them allowance a couple of months ago. 

 Notice that they have the adult sized shovels. Funny boys.

Friday, May 10, 2013

More Zoo Time

Turtle Tanner

 We went to the zoo again, but this time with Tiff!  Yeah, someone else to hang out with besides mom....  :)

 We even lucked out and received a free carousel ride token for each of the boys.

 Kids having fun being photographers....

 Our favorite part of the day was watching the Falcon Show - so cool.  They had all sorts of birds (hawks, vultures, falcons, eagles) flying all over, around, and above us.
 See the Falcon mid-flight?  Pretty nice shot, eh?  Esp with a lame camera...
 Owen with one of his favorite animals - The falcon.  They can go over 200 mph when they dive for prey, you know.  That's fast.

 Told you this girl thinks she's big.  She wanted to play on the playground just like the rest of them.

Bye-bye til next time!