Monday, April 22, 2013

Just for fun...

 This little girl does not hold still.  I had to take this picture fast before she was on the move again.  She isn't even 7 mo. old and already she crawls and pulls herself up to things.  Aaaahhh, I didn't think I would have to start watching the stairs this early!  She just wants to be like the big kids!!!
Sidney chose to do an optional poster report on giraffes.  She did almost all of the research on her own and was very good about writing and organizing all of her facts onto the poster.  She did a fabulous job on it.  You go girl!

The Gingerbread Man

 Sidney was in The Gingerbread Man that her 1st Grade class put on.  She was the dancing and singing flower in the background.  She was the best (and cutest) darn singing flower I've ever seen!

Isn't she beautiful?  :)

Tulip Festival

 It not only rained, but hailed, for about 20 minutes when we first showed up, but after that it was the most glorious day and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

 Grandpa was the man of the hour with his bag of popcorn.

 And Grandpa also found a little hail "snow" to start a snowball fight with...
 Tulips come in the most amazing colors, even ones to match your jacket!

 Hanging by the Deception Pass Bridge

 Bald Eagle on the tree.  Can you see his little head?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

 Our ward Easter Egg Hunt.  Tanner braving it by himself in the back.  We always tell our kids to run to the back first, that way they have full reign of the place with no one to bug them. 

 Easter morning after finding their hidden Easter baskets.

 Happy to see you too.
 So looking right into the sun wasn't the best idea.  Owen's eyes are are firm haters-of-the-sun as you will notice in all of the pictures.  Goodness sakes boy, man up!  :)  But we did take them, and they were all pretty stinkin cute in their Sunday best.

 More Easter picture takes...

And just to document my mom's birthday, here is a pic of her opening my meant to be thoughful, but pretty boring present - a new dishwasher silverware container. She needed a new one, I promise. Happy Birthday mom! (Sidney is my photographer here)