Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy New Year! Good-bye 2012...

The kids party at 8o clock was crazy enough.

 A little "spicy juice" for a toast.
 The poppers were a hit once they figured out not to aim them at their faces when they pulled the string!
But the adult party got wild as you can tell by the following pictures!

 Don't ask.  I don't know.
We hope 2013 brings good things.  It's going to be hard to top all the exciting things that happened in 2012: Bree getting married, Taryn born, Nate graduating, new house, and new job in no particular order. 

Rushed Family Photos

 This one is pretty good.  No Owen.  He refused.
 Welcome back Owen.
 Now Taryn is crying.  Tanner and Owen still not so happy.
 Okay, we can live with this one.  Pretty good.
 This is how we all really felt.
They are all happy now.  Must have candy in their mouths.

Then Tiff wanted one with all the kids.  You can see how well they took it.  Makes me laugh now, then....I wasn't so thrilled.  I will say Sidney was a champ through it all!  1 of 4 is not so good odds.

Lantern Lighting

 My mom had originally bought these to light off at bree's wedding, but since Utah was so dry, we opted not to do them.  Well, WA is wet enough for anything, so light them we did. 
 I definitely had a Tangled moment.  So beautiful.

 Pretty cheap entertainment.  I should do this for everyone's birthday!  oooh, good idea.

 Dont mock the hat.  I think I really pulled it off, don't you?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rocket Lauching #2

 This day was a little bit colder, but we had bigger engines, so it was even more amazing.

 Bigger engine=bigger plume
 Awesome!  Whoever took this picture had way good timing.  This thing shoots up so fast.
And the race is on to catch it!

Pacific Science Center

 I just love hanging out at the science center.  Our favorite things are the butterfly house, the laser show, and the picture booth that shows if your face is symmetrical (the kids could spend hours making weird faces there). I have lots of good memories of coming here when I was a kid.  Honestly, not much has changed.  :)
 Whatcha doin' there Tanner?

 Tornado booth.  70 mph winds.  That was exciting!
 or not.

 Landon and Tanner
Sidney and Tanner.  Such a typical Tanner face.

Christmas Day!!! Santa came!

 No one got coal in their stocking.  Whew, that was close.  :)
 Owen asked for a Spiderman car that turned into a submarine, helicopter, rocket, and motorcycle.  I don't know how Santa did it, but he pulled through.  I still don't know if Owen made this toy up in his mind, or if he saw this on TV somewhere.  He says that it's something he came up with...regardless, he got very lucky.
 Merry 1st Christmas Taryn.
 This was the winner as far as presents goes.  They spend hours playing with this thing.  They can race 6 cars at a time and it tells them who the winner is.  Santa is a genius!
 Sidney and her new doll, Charlotte!
 Tanner coloring his new Angry Birds coloring book.
 We had to set up our new tramp, even if it was getting a little dark...

 This should entertain them for at least a couple of minutes everyday, right?
Matching BYU jackets!  Go Cougs!
 The rest of the fam came later and brought MORE PRESENTS!  Yahoowee, can this day get any better?!

 Sidney loves reading the books in the Treehouse series.  She has quite the collection now.

 More rocket engines.  YES!
One of my personal favorites.  My mom sewed this bag for me and I LOVE it.  Looks store bought.  And I can fit anything in it.  Even Taryn.  hehe
Merry Christmas everyone.