Saturday, August 11, 2012

Relaxing at the River

This river is less than a mile from our house and I couldn't be more happy about it.  It's the perfect water level and the kids can throw rocks and dirt wherever they want.  (Which is a big deal for the boys, and me who has to try and control the boys at home!)
 I just love the sound of the cool, running water and being in the sun.  Such a relaxing day.

Tooth Fairy Time

 Okay, I think her losing her tooth (over starting Kindergarten) was the wake up call for me.  She's not little anymore.  She was so brave she pulled it out all on her own, when it didn't even seem that loose to me.  Whatever works.  She must really have wanted that tooth fairy to come!

Welcome to Lake Stevens!

 Yeah, we're here, and I'm so happy!!!  The weather is beautiful, we can almost see the lake from our house, and the bald eagles flying over our heads from time to time just tops it off.  This is the view of our neighborhood from the front of our house.  I'm not giving you a full tour, but here are some pics to give you an idea.  If you want to see all of it, you'll have to come visit! 

 Front entry
 Kitchen and dining
 Family/Living Room
 Loft upstairs, which can later be turned into a 4th bedroom when we need that more than a toy room. :)
 Sidney's room- and soon to be sharing with the baby, which she is so excited for.
Our fun, big backyard!!! Woohoo.  There's even more on the side...
We were so blessed to be led to this house and we can't wait to see what new memories we make here.