Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washington D.C.

 Sidney has learned more about the United States of America this year at school, so she really wanted to go and see the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.  We are abt 7 hrs to DC, so it was just too close to pass up the opportunity.  We stayed 2 days and 2 nights and saw a little bit of everything.  Here are some pics: again in no particular order, and taken by everyone in the family.

 Nate finally agrees that we might actually have landed on the moon, for real.

I need to count how many pictures I have of Owen doing this.  There would be a lot.
Cold popsicles on a cold day.  What could be more refreshing?
 At the DC temple visitor's center, they had a quilt show, so everyone took a picture of their favorite quilt.
This is Sidney's.
Telisha's - I just thought it was funny, because if you look close, they are canning jars all filled with different kinds of food.  I couldn't believe they found that many different kinds of food material.  Pretty cool.
Nate's. I think because it has to do with food.  hehe


 Easter in no particular order or quality... I just had to add some of these weird ones taken from the top of the car.  :)  And don't ask me why they are scrambled.  I added them in order?