Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Carved Pumpkins with the Homers for FHE.

 Owen's is the Frankenstein on the far left, then Tanner's ghost, and Sidney's is the cat on the far right.
 Tanner and Owen insisted on being exactly what they were last year, but I wasn't complaining, how hard of costumes are those?  Sidney went as a Barbie.  I should have gotten a close up of her hair and face.  Oh well, by the time we get this close to trick or treating they won't hold still for nuthin'!!!

 Eating the spoils at the Homer's house.
And yes Tiff, I did dress up as Batman just for you!  :)


OSU v. Wisconsin
Nate convinced me that it would be worth the hassle of going to THE SHOE.  Thankfully it was the best game that they've had all year and it was sweet.
This is a video of us in the middle of field, after we had rushed it!  MOST Awesome thing ever.  I had SO much fun!  Such a rush.   Boo on BYU stadium for not letting us do this. ever.
Us on the field.
 Band at half time.  They can do some amazing formations.  Them scripting OHIO and dotting the I experience was cooler than I thought it would be.
 Final score.
Mosh pit on the field.  It rocked.  Almost makes me want to like the Buckeyes.  haha

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Telisha had the kids pose for her a few weeks ago.  She had to keep the boys focused by promising that they only had to take a certain number. Here are the best of the bunch.
Owen looking sly.
Tanner and one of his awesome smiles.
The only one where they are both smiling.
They were ready to be done. So funny.
Sidney is starting to look so old, even though she thinks she is the shortest kid in her school class.

Another day, each of the kids got to pick their own pose for a "cool picture".   
Tanner doing his subconciously natural spiderman pose.
This is Owen's "cool" pose.  We think it was supposed to be like a "gross face", but cool.  :)
Sidney did a nice little curtsy.
Telisha's mom sent these "googly eye" glasses for Halloween. Tanner was not excited about pictures. We were responsible for the pants. 
Owen the intellectual/nerd.
Sidney also got a Halloween headband.  The fluffs are orange, so it sometimes looks like her real hair.

Oh, yeah.  I shot a deer with a crossbow.  Awesome. I plan on getting at least one more.