Monday, August 29, 2011

Columbus Zoo

My cute Tanner boy is looking so much older lately.
Franklin Park Conservatory- watching the butterflies eat.
Kids Fest at Easton Town Center Mall in Columbus.  The BlueJackets brought a bunch of equipment for the kids and let them go at it as they pleased.  It was fabulous.  The kids wanted to sweat out there on the blacktop for an hour!
Aren't they just the most handsome ever!?

I'm hoping that they aren't looking at what it seems like they are looking at.  We'll go with some wierd looking rock, right?
I thought that ripping up an old yellow pages book would be fun for them, and it was.  :)
So is shooting the cross bow that Dad is borrowing.
Columbus Clippers game! 
The car we bought so that Nate could drive to and from Seminary and work, EARLY in the morning.
And last but not least, Sidney's 1st day of kindergarten pictures.  Wowwie, wow.  Are we really here already?  I think I'm ready?.......
Good luck Sidney, we LOVE you!