Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sid just eats up this sort of stuff!  I LOVE it.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

 Owen thinks it's great fun to bury Tanner in the bin.  Sometimes Tanner does too, other times he doesn't.
 The rest of these pics are taken next to Sidney's soccer practice field.  I have to take all 3 by myself, so needless to say, instead of fighting the boys to NOT go in the mud, I just dress them accordingly.  I think they enjoy it.

This face pretty much sums up how they feel about it!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Owen insisting that Tanner smile and look at the camera.  How's that working out Owen?
Standing next to a melting ice carved bunny and egg at the Columbus Zoo

I love the tulips that come out this time of year.  They make me SO happy!
The boys and their pans.  They can't put the pans down now that they've seen Tangled, and have learned that they are weapons of mass destruction.
And of course you have to have a picture next to the freaky bunny that they have at the city Easter egg hunt.  :)
My fun kids

It's been a while

So we know it has been awhile, so here we go. (Nate writing)

In mid-February we went down to Orlando for 8 days.  We drove down and back (17 hours each way, but we had 3 drivers since Bree was with us)  Telisha's whole family was also there, so we had a great time.  We went to the temple Friday evening for Telisha's sister Breanna to receive her endowments.  We spent Saturday morning doing family pictures (wait for it...) and then to Cocoa beach in the afternoon and evening.  Apparently it's a pretty popular beach, but it was terrible.  So cold, so windy, not a pleasant beach experience.  But we made the most of it and had a good time.  Monday through Friday we spent at Disney World.  Wow.  Telisha's sister knows a kid that works there and he got our family in for free for several days, and then we took care of the rest.  I didn't think the kids would last 5 days, but they did great.  The kids were really excited to see all the Disney characters and Sidney even got to go on a lot of the bigger rides.  We had to teach her to stand up really tall, because if she did her head barely brushed the bottom of the height checker. We had a great time and were sad to leave family at the end of it all.  Nate decided he could live in Orlando, especially up near the temple.  Nice neighborhoods, SPECTACULAR weather (could not have asked for anything better) and close to a big city.  What more could you want?

We got back Saturday evening, had church Sunday, and then starting on Monday Nathan was full-fledged into studying for his PhD candidacy exams.  They are much like a Bar exam, in that after all the classes are done they want to make sure you didn't just find a way to sneek by in all your course work.  It is much less standard than a bar exam, but still tough.    Nate has a committee of professors to help him with his PhD work. The advisor administers an "8-hour written exam," two other committee members administer "4-hour written exams."  So Nate studied almost non-stop for 3 weeks, even with studying half-time for about a month before the trip..  It was a long 3 weeks, but in the end we all got through it.  When he got the "8-hour" exam his advisor told him he had 24 hours, and that it may take him all of that time.  So starting at 2 pm on Tuesday he started, called at midnight to let Telisha know that he was not coming home from the office, stayed on it all night (there was an hour from 3-4 am where things are a little hazy) and finished the exam at about noon the next day. He then took one exam on Thursay and another on Friday.  He found out he passed those on Friday evening, even doing really well on his main exam from his advisor (an MIT guy).  After he passed those Nathan had to stand in front of the committee for an oral exam.  He stood at a chalk board and answered questions about his field for 2 hours as they grilled him.  Some were concepts questions, others he drew out a system on the board and had to explain what would physically happen, etc.  He was really nervous about it, but passed.  So that was awesome.  A huge relief!!!  Now he is in the process of solidifying his dissertation topic, with about 1 year to 18 months to get it all done and be Doctor Packard.

Breanna stayed with us for a couple of months until just a couple of weeks ago.  It was great to have her here.  She was such a help, especially while Nate was busy with his exams.  We ALL miss her a lot!   She moved back to Provo to get a job before starting up her Master's program in the summer.

Life is good.  It is starting to warm up in Ohio.  We'll be excited to get back to the west coast at some point, but for now we are trying to make the most of what we have and move forward each day.

We'll try and be more consistent on future blogging.