Friday, October 29, 2010


 The pictures speak for themselves.  Crazy people.

Owen wanted me to take a picture of him being a "mean guy."  He is holding his "shooter."
They wanted us to wrap them up like babies.

And then we tickled them to death.......hehe

Halloween Happiness

 We kept our tradition of eating dinner at the Homer's house before Trick or Treating in their neighborhood.  We brought the worm juice to drink and it was quite a hit. (Columbus City area has assigned trick or treating nights.  Ours was Thursday from 6-8.  So funny.  The govt. has control of everything!)
 I wish we had gotten a close up of all of them so that you could see their painted faces.  My favorite part about Halloween is getting to paint their faces and put makeup on them.  Sidney's eyelashes are soooo long w/ mascara on them!  :)  Sidney was Belle, Owen was a Tiger and Tanner was a Hamburger!  I assumed that Sidney would love the Trick or Treating part , but I didn't realize how gung ho about it Tanner was going to be.  Owen poopooed the idea after fifteen minutes, but Tanner was still running from house to house after an hour!  Sidney was very polite at each house and people were always surprised at how direct she would look at them and say, "Thank you and Happy Halloween," after they gave her the candy.
This was taken at the Ward Party.  Happy (early) Halloween!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lookin' Good

We found a suit at a used kids clothes store for Owen this past week.  He tried it on and it fit perfectly.  He wears a tie and vest normally, but the suit looked so good.
Owen chose the first pose.

I chose the second.

Telisha chose the third.

Sidney chose the fourth.

Here are our pumkins for Halloween.  We may have done them a little early.  The fairy on the left is already in the garbage (it was so warm here that it shriveled right up) and the the middle one is starting to really mold.
October 2010
The Homers, who were the first to come over for Halloween when we first moved here, came over again and we had a good time.  Its cool to see how grown up everyone is this year.
October 2009 - last year
Halloween Party in a Box sent from Grandma Berry had all the fixin's for cupcakes!  Sidney loves "crafts" as she puts it. 
Sidney's team picture.  They never really had everyone there.  Toward the end there would only be 3 or 4 of them at practice even.  We are proud of how hard she played and are excited to see how she does once she is a little older (the boy on the bottom right is 6, Sidney is barely 4 1/4).