Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Fun

 We went apple and pumpkin picking this weekend!  It was such a relaxing FALL Saturday and we ALL enjoyed ourselves.  And that's saying something. 

Sidney was the best at finding yummy apples high up in the trees.  And since Nate wouldn't pick me up.....

Tanner ate apples the whole time.

Owen's idea of pumpkin picking was throwing rocks.  BIG rocks.  :)

Helping Dad carry the pumpkin.

The room was under "Road Construction," Sidney said.  She told everyone she could that she used "20 and 100 books" to make the road.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sean and Becky Come

Sean and Becky came last weekend.  They were so nice to come visit us, and drove all the way from Texas to celebrate Labor Day weekend w/ us.  It only took about 1 hour for Owen to "remember" them.   
Owen and Tanner got a good ride swinging in the blanket.  They loved having another guy to throw them around.

Becky and Sean bought the kids some gifts.  Sidney got a lot of princess stuff, and the boys got some bubbles and some "Cars" cars.  The cars were even cooler than they thought, as when you pull them back they motor up and really move fast on the kitchen floor.  I wish you could have seen Tanner's face when he opened the cars up.  Truly awesome.
Sunday evening the kids and I were trying to figure out ways to ambush Sean in the living room. First we just pretended we weren't going to do anything, and then "surprise" attacked. Next Sidney had the plan for her alone to go in and then yell go and we would come in. Next they were dressed up in my shirts, with their eyes the only thing showing.

Next they were dressed up in my basketball shorts, with only their heads showing.
   Lastly, we prepared like Indian warriors, coming in screaming like maniacs.  It was awesome.  The kids had a great time. 
This afternoon Telisha and the kids made some crafts while I helped a sick Tanner in the bathtub.  Sidney made a sun out of Perler Beads, and Owen made a "Googlemonster" out of  beads and pipecleaners.

Lastly, Telisha and I were planning on attending the #2 Ohio State vs #12 Miami football game yesterday.  I decided to forfeit the MINIMUM $100 per ticket (buckeye fans are nuts!!) that I could have sold them for in order to go to this awesome game.  Then at 10am Saturday morning I threw up.  Awesome.  Awesome.  I was so mad.  I tried to fight through it and be strong enough to go, but I knew it wasn't going to happen.  Instead I got to call the babysitter and call it off, then sit on my couch and watch the game, all the while sick and sore, suffering through a BYU loss at the same time.  What a day.