Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new phase of life begins

Sidney's in the blue shirt.  She's a good listener and is very attentive to teacher's instructions (be it a coach, Primary teacher, or library class teacher).
So she definitely has my short genes.  We'll just have to teach her how to be fast.
I'm foreseeing a lot of these pictures in our future.  :)
Sidney was very excited to start soccer.  She's been talking about it for months now, (we signed her up that long ago) and the time has finally arrived.  We went to a Columbus Crew Soccer game and that only intensified her drive to play, and play now!  The other day Nate went to a used kid's clothing store and loaded her up w/ all the essentials.  When we showed her the next day, she was just giddy and couldn't stop talking about how she gets to do soccer and the boys don't.  She went on and on about how Nate and I need to cheer for her when she scores a goal and that we should be screaming really loud too.  After she saw the shorts she immediately put them on and told us that she was going to be downstairs.  We soon realized that she was down there to exercise on the elliptical.  We were cracking up because we heard her talking to Owen about all sorts of things and then tells him, "Just a minute Owen, I have to exercise for 8 more minutes."  She then yells up the stairs, "Mom, can you bring me my water, because I need it for exercising."  WOW.
So her first practice was today and she was all dressed to go before dinner.  She told us during dinner that she didn't feel well and needed to get down, and Nate told me later he thinks it was because she was getting gittery and excited about going.  I think he was right.  The whole scenario was so funny to watch.  She loved practice, because she loves learning something new and she loves making new friends.  Nate and I are really looking forward to watching the wad of kids follow the ball around during the games.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nate said the title should be some rap song that I don't know.....

Fireworks @ Buckeye Lake...very redneck.  Thus, we fit right in with our campstove smores.
They had a great firework show and my favorite part, being able to drive home quickly!  No traffic afterwards - it was a miracle.  (It seems like after any 4th of July show there is an hour of stop and go to the freeway, but not here)
Our friends, the Allens, came to stay w/ us for a night.  We had lots of fun going to a juggling show, hanging out and playing in the water.
There is always a lot of this,
and sometimes we find one of these to play at too.
Our 1st Jeep Parade at our 1st 4x4 Convention.  (My Dad and brother are the diehards)  Hundreds of Jeeps drove past us and we had the privilege of being at the end of the route and we helped rid them of all their remaining candy.  Sidney and Owen soon realized that if they showed any sort of enthusiasm they would be showered w/ candy.  We got the mother load for sure.
The gang enjoying the parade.
My family came to town and I put them right to work!  I wanted this hole separating my living room from my kitchen to help open up the house, and boy did the hard work pay off.  It's a beauty!  It changes the feel of the whole house and I LOVE it!  Thanks to their expertise and a little HARD work, we finished it in under 2 days.  Thank you!
Aunt Tiff is awesome.
Don't worry, we did a lot of playing and eating too.  (Sidney and Owen eat ridiculous amounts of cookie dough when they make cookies w/ Grandma.  That's why it's a lot more fun than making them w/ mom  :) You'll see in the picture below that we pretty much wore Sidney to the ground, literally. Ok, so this was after a 12 hr party at Kings Island amusement park.  She walked herself inside and this is where/how she ended up - in the middle of the living room!
Another camping trip to Alum Creek.  We had some leftover sparklers to use.  Poor Tanner burned himself we realized later.  I guess we should have seen that coming when we let him hold it by himself....
Here is Tanner helping me blow some air on the fire.  I think he does a pretty good job, don't you?