Monday, June 28, 2010

More fun in the sun....and some rain

Columbus Clippers game caught us enjoying some shelled peanuts.....
...and some raindrops!  Thank goodness for nice friends who supplied us with cool umbrellas a couple of weeks ago!
Took a weekend trip to Pittsburgh to visit Jessica and Adam and their family (Jessica is Nate's cousin) and to hit a Pirates game.  View is gorgeous - esp from the nosebleeds, don't ya think?

They were awesome for letting us chill at their house, and it was great getting to know them better!
Tanner is the biggest fan of baseball so far - at least he sits and watches the longest.
The gang
Visited Pittsburgh's children museum and loved it!  I wished the kids could have lasted longer than 3 hours, cuz I wanted to see more of it. 
 I don't know why they bother to give us raincoats to use, the kids come out soaking wet, look at this- like a little raincoat is going to help!
Owen loved getting stuck in this maze, a little tricky getting him out....
She had a fun water/princess party with some church friends.  She helped me make all the invitations, plan the games and was very particular about what cake she had (which she also wanted to help me make and decorate). 
Here they are making some crowns,
opening presents (she said it was even better than Christmas!  I don't blame her),
and having some birthday cake. 
Already sporting some of the goods.  What a cutie.  Happy 4th Birthday Sidney!  You Rock!
I love watching them husk the corn, and they love doing it.  It brings back great (or at least great now) memories of husking the corn for dinner when I was little.
Oh boy, if this face doesn't this face sum up our sweet summer so far, I don't know what does. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer camping, here we come....

It finally stopped raining long enough for us to brave camping for the 1st time this summer.  We hope to make it out some more, considering they all slept though the night!  Here the munchkins are, all sittin around the campfire like they've cooked hotdogs on their own their whole life.  I love it!  We all had so much fun taking walks, eating marshmallows (they don't like smores yet, so all the more for us) and looking at all the bugs Ohio has to offer.  Not my favorite part, but Owen likes to touch them  :)
Sidney and Owen proud of the 1st hotdog they cooked all on their own.
Even Tanner was a man and held his own plate. 
Sid's buddy, Bree! So glad she came to celebrate Memorial Day with us.  She always makes it a PARTY!  Headlamps are a must.
We cooked poppy seed muffins inside carved out oranges.  Yummy!

Their cheery little faces in the morning. Success!