Friday, May 21, 2010

Goings On

We are building a fence!  The above picture is us knocking down our chainlink on a pretty cold Sat.  We took off our sweatshirts because we were doing all the work, but the poor kids were freezing.  They used the sweatshirts to haul tools back and forth to mom and dad.  Occasionally we put them to work.  :)
Below is part of the finished product.  We love going out there now and pretending we're in an awesome neighborhood.  hehe  It's a great place to go outside and eat dinner!
After dinner you can often find the kids tackling Dad, though they can't keep him pinned down long.  He's not soft on them, so sometimes you get this face from Sidney.
And Tanner and Owen are usually pretty good sports about it...It's fun now that Tanner has joined in on the action.
Nathan took Owen to the Fathers and Sons Campout and they had a blast.  Owen downed about 12 marshmellows and threw about 100 rocks. 
He's such a chill kid when he's content and Nate said that he just sat around the fire for hours while
everyone chatted it up.  So cute.
No, Nate did not buy me these flowers.   But even better, they came from MY garden.  I LOVE them.  I found out that they are called Peonies.  They give off a very strong smell, which is great - except that I'm wondering if that is why I'm getting headaches lately.
I helped Sidney make her 1st real fort.  She loves it, but the boys are pretty much scared to go in it, even with me in there.  I think it's too dark for them.  Hopefully they'll grow into the idea and love forts as much as I did growing up!  (My mom always let us sleep in them-inside or outdoors)  Sweet memories.