Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Come on Out!

Hopefully this will work

Just wanted to give a shout out that anyone and everyone is welcome to stay at our house! We would gladly take visitors......Whether you're only passing through, or want to come party, we'd love to have you! Come on out to Columbus!

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!

Owen wanted shark cupcakes, so we had a shark/ocean themed little birthday.  Do you think anyone got pictures of the awesome shark and fishy cupcakes the kids and I made?  Nope.  How annoying.  Oh well, I'll remember they were cool.  Had ocean water (blue koolaid) with icebergs (icecubes with swedish fish frozen in blue kool aid).  The kids thought it was great waiting for the fish to melt out of the ice, but when they went to eat the fish it was a real let down because apperantly they didn't hold up too well and were very soggy and nasty.  Too funny.
Owen was very patient with everyone "helping" him open his presents.  :)
Played a shark balloon game, and ran around chasing each other with Owen's new bat and sword. 

Sidney and her friend Lizzy.  Yeah for yards to run around in!
Owen is very excited about all his new weapons.  And he loves looking up at his glow in the dark stars on the ceiling at night.  I think I want some now too.  Happy Birthday Duder!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just wanted to post some pics of the kids with some of the cute gifts/outfits they've received recently....for the gift givers benefit.

Sorry, this picture is of us at our family's 1st Pinewood Derby outing (Nate's in Cub Scouts, remember?)  Owen has longing in his eyes for the day he will one day make his own, or make his dad make his own.
Thanks Hailey for all the fun stuff.  Do you think they cooperate for these pictures?  Of course not.
Sidney trying to keep her eyes open for the picture.  Our camera is great at making them blink at just the wrong moment........aaaahhhh
That is one HOT dress.  Sidney LOVES twirling in it!  Can you tell she is very proud of it!  And Owen.....is Owen.  :)