Monday, January 25, 2010

A Freakin Awesome Christmas

What a classic Owen look.

Not too bad for a timed camera and a tripod.

Cute picture, eh?  Guess I need to plan better on having color coordinating clothes everytime we see family - always some family picture.....

Peek-a-boo Tanner!

Basketball playing turned into kids play.  Seemed that Sidney and Owen were determined to NOT let us have an adult game of anything.

Cookie making factory at its best.  Nice mid air shot mom.

Yes, my mom did fill her entire cup with whipped cream and let her eat it.....oh boy!

Christmas Eve Pajama Picture!

Sorry Nathan, too good not to post.  I don't think that glasses are your best look - maybe the moustache though :)
Getting some laughs playing Would You Rather.

And sledding to top off the trip.   WOW!  Way too much fun......
Still can't believe Dad likes going head first.  A little risky with all that weight coming fast behind you?