Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can't download nothin'

When I can figure out how to put pictures on our blog, I will. Aaahhhh, does anyone else have this problem? I can't get my blog to download anything lately. Sad day. I have pics of the house too.....oh well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh so cute

Tanner bombers is about 7 mo. now

Sidney loves to take pictures with our camera, so I told her that we could do a photo shoot today. She posed, and then she tried to help me get the boys to smile...Owen is a hard shell to crack sometimes...:)

Owen duders

Friday, September 4, 2009

What WE Did....

So while Nathan and Owen were gone.....we did A LOT of shopping, and errands, and housework, and fixing things, and laundry, and arranging the basement, so we decided to take a break and visit the City of Columbus. Since we live in "the ghetto" we're only about 4 exits from downtown. Exciting, I know.

We visited the Statehouse there which is a really cool, old building. (I didn't do much reading about it, sorry.) But Sidney had fun going up and down the stairs and the elevator, so it was a successful trip. Sidney did the honors of taking most of these pictures on this post, including this one. Great job for being under 3 feet tall, don't you think?
The funny thing about her taking the pictures is that if you watch her it looks like she is really wobbly and crooked and that she isn't holding the camera very still. Yet somehow she gets it done. I haven't even cropped any of these.
Ok, so she didn't take this one.
The funniest part of this whole excursion of ours is that we got completely caught off guard by the rain and had to run the entire way back (at least 6 blocks) to our car during a lightning storm. We were soaked and laughing our heads off by the time we were safely in our seats. Overall Sidney, Tanner and I had a great time while Nathan was off galavanting (is that a word?) in the woods!