Friday, April 17, 2009

So we tried for about a month to get Owen to walk to us. He refused. Then one day last week he decided to let go of the coffee table and go for a stroll. He is getting pretty good now, and it is lots of fun to watch. Sorry to both sets of Grandparents that he did not do it while you were here.

p.s. We usually have Owens pants on . This does not happen often.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I hate making titles for these's just more of us!

Owen and Dad both thought that this was a great sport

Owen's favorite snack, he'll work on one for hours. Entertainment that lasts longer than his toy cars.

Sidney hasn't quite mastered feeding Owen yet, but she did pretty well for the first couple bites. (I like that she has her mouth open, showing Owen what to do, hehe)
Yeah for new Sunday Easter outfits. Pretty spiffy, eh? (My mom made Sidney's dress cuz I'm not quite brave enough - she did an awesome job, and I think liked doing it, cuz all of her girls are grown and gone)

This is Sidney's new glamor pose

All the kids squished in the back of the Ford Taurus - so we traded it in for......

Our 05 Kia Sedona. Yahoo, all Minivan owners unite!

I think they like the extra space!? I know we do.