Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas was a lot of fun. We were more excited to see Sidney open her presents than we were our own. We got her a Razor scooter (it has been snowing and raining nonstop though, so it has hardly been used!), a computer (those learning laptops, that she loves) and a bunch of other coloring stuff. She is still so loopy that early in the morning though, so we get better reactions about things now than we did Christmas morning. She also got a box of 6000 stickers from her Grandma (if you know Sid, you know she LOVES stickers).

Telisha and I got a bunch of nice things like clothes, etc. The other things were really cool, but only within our little circle. It would be hard to explain the purpose of humor behind the rest of it.

It has been really amazing watching Sidney learn so much while with everyone around. She is especially smart at learning the carols. She can sing Silent Night all by herself. With a small help she can rock the whole Jingle Bells, and she even picked up "The King song" (Hark, the Herald Angels Sing) just from listening to the rest of us. It was awesome when we went caroling with the fam and she did a solo of Silent Night. She was awesome and did it all be herself. What made it even more amazing was that she had the hiccups during the whole thing! Everyone tried sooo hard not to laugh hysterically while she was doing it, but we all had a great laugh after she was done. She is really quite smart, and was able to pick up words like "reconciled" all by herself!

It has been a fun break, even with all the snow. It has been record snowfall here in Seattle, and now that the snow is gone, it is raining worse than ever. So...we will see if we ever get out of the house!

Hope that all is well for everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Its been a while!

So...Thanksgiving is over. I had a crazy week of school (it's almost over)! We have had tons of fun, just nothing really to post, so...
Here is a video of Sidney and Owen playing together. Owen loves just sitting and watching Sidney do her thing, but also loves it when she stops and plays with him.

Thanksgiving was fun. We had a Packard family turkey bowl in the morning.

Hailey taught Sidney how to ride the razor! She loved it so much, so we have to get her one for Christmas! By the way- to all the aunts out there, Hailey is currently sitting at #1. Sidney loves her! What can I say, time+attention=love=favorite aunt! Now that you know the recipe, babysitting slots are available for signup now!

We spent the rest of the day with Telisha's cousins.

What can I say, it was a great Thanksgiving. I ate a ton of food(dinner was at 2, did not eat again until the next day), watched a bunch of football, took a nap, watched more football, and hung out. What more do you want! The next few days Tiff (T's sister) stayed with us. We got our Christmas tree! Notice the highlight of the tree! Everyone should have a BYU football ornament on their tree! School is almost over! We are heading up to T's house (Seattle) for the holidays! We are excited for it to come!