Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I put two new posts on today(NOT COUNTING THIS ONE). Dont miss the second one. It is GREAT!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So we had 3 halloween parties in less than 24 hours. And they were all the weekend before the darn holiday. WOW! Too much for me!!
Sidney really wanted to be Ariel (The Little Mermaid- she watches it at least once a week!) On her own, she decided that I should be Prince Eric. We then concluded that Telisha would have to be Ursula, and Owen be Flounder. So:
Telisha was awesome and actually made all of it. She found fishy fabric for Sidney's dress, sewed it all up, and then made tentacles for herself out of hosiery, newspaper and paint. I think I look particularly sexy with black hair and eyebrows! It was tons of fun.

The first was our ward party on Friday night. There was a cake walk, a skittle spit, and a small obstacle course. Sidney won "Best child Costume". She always wins! People can not resist. She is too cute. Telisha really wanted to cut Sidney's hair a month ago, but knew she needed the locks to make the costume work well.
Saturday morning was the stake primary (nursery) party. Similar to Friday night, but far simpler. T and I did not dress up!
Saturday night was Smith party (Telisha's cousins). It was also tons of fun. Lots of games. Lots of food. Got to see people we had not seen for several months.
Come Saturday late I was burned out. I did NOT want any more Halloween. Overall, it was tons of fun, and I am glad we did it. Telisha is awesome!
For Family Night on Monday we carved our pumpkin. It was fun. Sidney really loved it. She chose the shapes for each part. NOW, before I get any comments about the pumpkins color, please not that this pumpkin came from our garden. It got to cold this year for it to grow until the day it was cut, so...GREEN! We had another one of similar size and ORANGE, but as mentioned, it was too cold and the plants all died, and we had to pick them 2 weeks before. Consequently, the orange one rotted, and we were left with green. I think it looks pretty cool though!!
Lastly, I just thought this picture of Owen was awesome!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

She recently stopped taking naps...

About 2 weeks ago Sidney decided that she did not need naps anymore. She just sits in her bed, sing Little Mermaid songs, and tries to get out. We decided that she still needed alone time in her room (at least her mom needed her to have alone time) so she sits in there and reads books, plays, etc. Sometime there are some consequences to that decision. Halloween night-at 6 o'clock-she was eating at the table and Telisha looked over and saw this:

She was snoring heavily. We tried to wake her up, and the following occured:

We laughed hard. We did get her dressed up. Since Telisha was sick (another story), Sidney and I went alone for her first time. After several houses (all of which the ladies thought she was adorable) we were headed to the car and she said "Trick or Treat again?" She loved it, and we love it because now we eat most of the candy!