Monday, October 20, 2008


So, this past weekend I flew to OHIO and attended the College of Engineering Gradaute Weekend at Ohio State in the lovely city of Columbus. I flew out Friday afternoon and stayed with a graduate student of the advisor I would like to work for (both student and advisor are LDS and former BYU guys). Saturday was the visitation day- nice place. Afterward I went to another students house (also BYU) and chatted with him and even went with them to their ward Halloween party. It was great fun, and I was stuffed. Sunday was chill all morning with church in the afternoon and then a 6-9pm flight home. On the way from Columbus to Chicago I had sat by a TCU alumni, who happened to be at the game on Thursday. OUCH. Great guy, super nice, but...darn TCU. He told me then that he was planning to be in SLC for the game against UTAH next week. Guy has money he doesnt know what to do with. From Chicago to SLC it got even better. I was next to a DRUNK Utah alum-did I need to include drunk? Is that redundant? :) - So...he was drunk before the plane, had two more drinks on the plane, and wanted more but the flight attendant was a champ and didn't let him have anymore as he was already super loud and bothering everyone within 10 rows. So lets just say that last 3 hours was more than obnoxious, but I made it home okay.
So-- Ohio State University. A great school. Incredible history in the field I would like to explore- Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. I would get my PhD there. I eventually would like to work as a civilian in the military doing either weapon/missile design/testing, or jet engine design. Something casual like that. Anyways, it is the biggest school in the country (almost 70,000 at their main campus), it's really nice and pretty cool. It would be nice because the lab I would spend 85% of my time at is actually about 5-10 miles off campus, and near where we would probably live(Dublin, Arlington, Hilliard area). I do have some interesting observations/dilemmas-
1) I cant cheer for Ohio State Football. I just cant do it. It will take some time to adjust, but we'll see. They play both USC and TCU at home next year, and I would have to root for both of them. They are rabid fans out there. Over 50% of the men at the ward party were in full gear, and it was an away game that night. So...we'll see.
2) As far as I know, Loralee and Dave will be leaving the great state as soon as we get there. Bummer. It's too bad there cant be some overlap (although I have heard they are desperate to stay in Ohio!! hmmmm)
3) It seems like a really nice city. Lots to do, and not all that cold either. We'll see. It is far from home as well, but what do you do.
4) They are on a 1/4 system. The last term started Sept 21 and ends Dec. 8. Then they have 5 weeks off for the holidays and dont start again until the 10 of January. Crazy.

Anyways- it is likely that is where we will end up. I am also visiting Purdue (in Indiana), but I really like the research they are doing at OSU.

Leaving Ohio behind- one more thought. I hear all the time, especially from my wife and women generally, that they love this time of year. The leaves changing, wearing sweaters, scarves, and mittens. So awesome!
Bah humbug. I love summer. Sandals, shorts, t-shirts. Pools, beach, ahhhhhhhhhh. Bah humbug on cold weather, snow, and anything associated with that, EXCEPT of course, Christmas, Thansksgiving dinner, and most importantly football.
I know I may get a lot of fodder over this, but it had to be said. All in favor, say aye! All in opposition, I dont care!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well we went to the doctor's Tueday morning (I know it's Friday already, I had a really busy school/work week) and we found out that we are having a ....BOY!!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahahahha!!
I have to say, Telisha was pretty sure that it was a boy, although she was non-secretely hoping that it would be a girl so that Sidney had a sister near her age to play with. But, the men will now outnumber the women, 3 - 2!! Sweet. The poll that was up is a bit dissappointing. I blame it on the assumption that most all of the people that voted were women (as they do most of the blog writing and checking). Correct me if I am wrong, but girls want girls. The only male vote that came from a male I know of is Brian Pickup, and this was a sure thing as he is "right 95% of the time!"

Anyways, due date is still the end of Feb, early march. It was the 27th of Feb. Ultrasound said 1st of march, my dad's bday is the 28th of Feb, and luckily it is not leap year next year. I guess if we just have #4 as fast as #3 then we should be about that time. Hmmmmm.....

Telisha is feeling infinitely better than the past two, which has made the time go a lot slower. We discussed it the other night and decided that is because we are only used to a couple of good months, and now that we have had those, we arent sure how to gauge the time anymore. But..we are EXTREMELY grateful that it has gone as well as it has!

Oh- I almost forgot. For those that aren't aware of our "game", we reveal gender, but not the name. Too much commotion if someone else you know likes the name, doesnt, etc. So...we tell people after the sucker is born, and a name is on the birth certificate, and then if they dont like it, sucks for them!! Now, we do give out the first letter of that name

......... and the letter is... T!

So...if you think you know what it is, take a stab. We wont tell you either way, but both Sidney and Owen were guessed before, so who knows. Good luck!!!