Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sidney's Bike

So we got Sidney a bike for her birthday in June, and we are just now getting the hang of it. We knew in the store that it was to big for her (she couldnt reach the pedals) but figured she would grow into it soon. She loves her bike, but just had a really hard time with it. So...I made some modifications.

First the wood, so that she could reach. Even with the wood she still had a hard time keeping her feet on the pedals. So...I attached some plastic, and now she is a pro. Sidney and I go out about 2-3 times a week after dinner, and it is alot more fun now because it doesnt kill my back to push her around.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joke's on YOU!

Hahahahahaha. That was awesome! I told Telisha the other day that I wanted to put a picture of Sidney or Owen's 10 week ultrasound on the blog to see what people's reactions would be. I got some good ones, although not as many as I expected. Maybe not as many people read this thing as I thought!! Hmmm. Anyways, c'mon! Do you really think we are that crazy! That is a 10 week appointment, which would make baby #3 due on February 27th! Before Owen even turns 1! Hahahahaha! Sorry, I had to. I couldn't resist!

So...WOW!!! We really are having a 3rd baby! Wow, I said it again. We ARE having a 3rd baby! The due date really is February 27th, which puts Telisha at 13 weeks on Friday! AWESOME!!! We are REALLY excited. It isnt coming exactly as we had planned, but hey, what do you do? Sidney and Owen each took about 5 months, so we figured about the same on #3! Wow, were we mistaken. First month, first try! Go figure. So...we REALLY ARE expecting #3 on Feb. 27th. To put our situation in perspective (not that we are complaining, we knew what we were getting into- it just sounds bad when you think about it) We will have 3 kids before the following happen:
1) I get out of my Masters Program (we still have 3 years after that for a PhD.)
2) 6 months before I turn 26!
3) 4 days before Telisha turns 25!
4) 4 months before Sidney turns 3!
5) 3 weeks before Owen turns 1!

The bright side of it all is that we hope to be done with all our children by the time we're 30, so by 50 they are gone and we can be alone again! Woohoo!

We love our kids, we are excited to have more, and in about 6 1/2 weeks I will be posting gender pics as well.

For those who remember what the first 2 were like for Telisha, this one has been INFINITELY better. Not that she is feeling well, for the most part, but that she at least isn't throwing up multiple times each day. She has only had to once, so that has been a great blessing. I do all the cooking and dishes, but it is a welcome price to pay for her to not be nearly bed ridden for 3 months.

We'll keep you all posted as we go. Wish us luck!
Nathan, Telisha, Sidney, Owen, and ????????

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vacation Fun

On Monday the 21st we set out on an 8 day excursion with a 2 yr. and 4 month old. Day 1 was spent driving through the deserted wasteland we call western Utah and Nevada. The roads were small, as it took is the direct route to the eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park in California. We arrived in the park at around 7 pm, and were ready to settle for the night. The problem was that our reservation was a 1/2 hour outside the south entrance of the park. No big deal, I thought, it should only take about 1/2 to get through the park! The ranger quickly corrected me and said it takes 3 hours. Yikes. So...we got really lucky and found a site in the park for night number one, thus saving at least 3 more hours (probably would have been 4). Telisha thought it would be a good idea to braid Sids hair so it wouldnt be a mess all trip. Here is what she did!

Tuesday, day 2, was probably the worst/hardest/most challenging day of the trip. Sidney was a mess, Telisha wasnt feeling well, and the park is huge! If you really want to do anything, you have to hike at least a mile, and with a 2 yr. old, that can take FOREVER. We stopped for lunch at a little creek and ate and played in the water a while. After that was the 1/2 mile hike to the Yosemite lower falls. We thought, hey, 1/2 mile isnt bad. 1 and 1/2 hours later, we made it back to the bottom exhausted and incredibly frustrated with a 2 yr old that could not handle the 1 mile trip. Note to self, never again! We did see several other BEAUTIFUL aspects of the park, including El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls, and the giant redwoods.

Wednesday, day 3, left us exhausted and feeling like another journey into the park would be more work than fun. So...we hung out at our campsite all day. A creek ran right through, so it was nice to bathe and was dishes, etc. Sidney finally learned how to entertain herself and just have fun in the outdoors, and the day was very relaxed and vacation-like.

Day 4, Thursday, had us out of camp at noon and driving to Matt and Annie's in San Francisco. Oh how I LOVE California. The weather was perfect, the city was great, and the company was obviously superb. We went to the "street market" they hold every thurday night, and it was awesome. Tons of local growers pull all stops to get their tree ripened fruit sold by the end of the night, so great fruit at a great price was awesome. We bought enough for the week!

Day 5, Friday, took Annie and Us and the babies to the Jelly Belly Factory a little outside of San Francisco. It was pretty cool, and we split 5 pounds of beans and other candies. Sidney loved seeing all the candy and was pretty good about the tour and getting her own sample bag!

Saturday was the highlight. We went into the city and enjoyed fishermans warf, a chowder bowl, some street performers, and other city stuff. We drove down Lombard street (the twistiest street in the country/world?), and then made it to a SF Giants game. The park is awesome, the weather was amazing, and I love sports, so...!

Sunday was relaxing, with morning church and an afternoon full of Make a Million. Unfortunately, the women swept the series, and the men weren't so happy with the cards they were dealt. In one game, the women got 17 of the 20 40's. Thats % 85! How are we supposed to win like that?!?
Monday was another travel day, leaving at 10 am and arriving at home sweet hot hot home at around 11 pm. We left the AC off, and it was scorching in the house when we got back. Overall it was a good vacation, but it left Telisha and I feeling like we needed a vacation!! :)
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